Soal Latihan Bahasa Inggris tentang Get / Have dan Verb 3 (Bentuk Pasif)  

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Soal Latihan Bahasa Inggris tentang Get / Have dan Verb 3 (Bentuk Pasif) – Get / have dan Verb 3 memiliki bentuk pasif dimana biasanya pelaku dalam kalimat pasif tersebut tidak diketahui atau tidak disebutkan karena si penulis memang hanya ingin memfouskan pada kejadian (action) atau subjek yang dikenai / berkaitan dengan kejadian (action) tersebut. Agar lebih jelasnya, berikut adalah soal latihan bahasa Inggris tentang get / have dan Verb 3 (bentuk pasif).


I. For sentence 1 – 10, write M if I did the action myself, or Sb if somebody else did it. For one, both are possible.



I had my hearing checked last week. I was worried about it.   Sb


  1. I had my hair cut this morning. What do you think of it? ___
  2. I have mended your bike. It should be ok now. ___
  3. I got my fingers broken in a rugby match. ___
  4. I have fixed the broken blender last night. Try using it again. ___
  5. I have had the computer repaired. I hope it’s all right. ___
  6. I had to clean the car before we could leave. ___
  7. I got my purse and dress stolen when I was on holiday. ___
  8. I got the cake made to save some time. I have been so busy! ___
  9. I had mended the lamp before he even noticed it was broken. ___
  10. By the time they got there I had already put in the new kitchen sink. ___


II. Fill in the gaps using a get / have + Verb 3 (passive form). Use the correct forms of the verbs and noun phrases in the box.


Noun phrases all his meals     his eyes     the film     her hair     my hair     his hi-fi          her paintings     her dress     his diaries
Verbs accept     catch     cut    develop     make     pay for     publish     steal     test



He got his eyes tested yesterday.


  1. She is going to ____________________________ this afternoon. I wonder what style she will have this time!
  2. I __________________________ yesterday. There are some really good photos of you and the children.
  3. She has ________________________ for the exhibition. I am so pleased. There are some quite famous artists taking part.
  4. He has ___________________________ again. He’s really annoyed because he had just bought it.
  5. Did you know that he has won a holiday to Spain? He has won two weeks in a luxury hotel and he will even _________________________ .
  6. Her father died last year, but she is hoping to _________________________ .
  7. Pat can you help me a minute? I _______________________ on my brooch and I can’t get it free.
  8. Fiona is spending a lot on her wedding. She _______________________ by a top designer.

III. Fill in the gaps in the conversation about a holiday with words (point a – g) and the correct form of get / have + Verb 3 (passive form).


a) some new photos / take

b) money / send

c) new passport / issue

d) it / fix

e) [assport / steal

f) his feet / cover

g) my camera / catch


Agus    : How was your holiday?

Marie   : Well on the first day we went swimming and Luke got his feet covered in oil on the


Luke    : And the next day Marie (1) ______________________________ .

Marie   : So I had to (2) ___________________________ and go all the way to the capital to

(3) _________________________ at the embassy.

Luke    : And that wasn’t all. I (4) ____________________________ in the lift door in the

hotel and it brok. I tried to (5) ____________________________ but it cost too

much and anyway we were having money problems.

Marie   : Yes. After that we needed to (6) _____________________________ from our bank

at home because no one would take our credit card. Somehow we enjoyed ourselves



IV. Five sentences below contain a mistake involving get / have + Verb 3 (passive form). Correct the mistake.



have shopping delivered

I think in some countries you can have delivered shopping to your home.


  1. Oh that is nice. You have cut your hair.
  2. Do you like my new ring? It didn’t fit when I tried it on at first so I had enlarged it.
  3. I fought at school only once. I got broken my nose.
  4. You haven’t been well for ages. I think you should get your blood pressure check.
  5. I want the invitations to look professional, so I am going to find somwhere where I can get printed them.



Kunci Jawaban:



  1. Sb
  2. M
  3. Sb / M
  4. M
  5. Sb
  6. M
  7. Sb
  8. Sb
  9. M / Sb
  10. M



  1. Have her hair cut
  2. Got the film developed
  3. Had her paintings accepted
  4. Had his hi-fi stolen
  5. Get all his meals paid for
  6. Have his diaries published
  7. Got my hair caught
  8. Got her dress made



  1. Had her passport stolen
  2. had some photos taken
  3. get new passport issued
  4. get my camera caught
  5. have it fixed
  6. have our money sent



  1. … You have your hair cut.
  2. … so I had it enlarged.
  3. … I got my nose broken.
  4. … I think you should get your blood pressure checked.
  5. … where I can get them printed.


Demikianlah soal latihan bahasa Inggris tentang get / have dan Verb 3 (bentuk pasif). Semoga latihan soal tersebut dapat menambah pemahaman teman – teman tentang materi ini. Terima kasih.

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