Puluhan Contoh Kalimat Fakta dan Opini dalam Bahasa Inggris

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Puluhan Contoh Kalimat Fakta dan Opini dalam Bahasa Inggris – Di dalam Bahasa Inggris, juga terdapat kalimat fakta dan opini. Berikut contoh-contohnya:


Kalimat Fakta

  • Andi always get up at 5:00 pm.
  • Yesterday night, at 10.00 pm, there was an eclipse.
  • Water flows from high place to the ground.
  • Human breathes by inhaling oxygen produced by green plants photosynthesis.
  • Human used barter system before they found money.
  • Earth and all other planets move around the sun in its orbit each so there will be no collision with each other.
  • Dinosaurs that lived millions of years ago were extinct because of of being hit by a meteor.
  • In 2006, tsunami devastated Aceh and killed 156.000 people.
  • On August 17, Sukarno and Hatta declared Indonesian independence in Pegangsaan Timur.
  • The match between Manchester United and Manchester City took place at Old Trafford Stadium last night, ended in a draw for both teams.
  • Budi won the cooking competition at an event held by one of the television stations.
  • The sun rises from the east and sinking in the west.
  • Bandar Lampung is the capital of the Lampung province.
  • Citrus fruits contain vitamin C which is very good for the health of teeth and gums.
  • Fish breathes by using gills while insect breathe by using tracheal.
  • Budi was educated at the University of Light in the agriculture department.
  • Waves occur because of the gravity caused by the moon.

2. Kalimat Opini

  • According to Andi, the problem that occurs between his wife and him is due to the lack of communication.
  • All children are encouraged to receive the vaccine against measles and polio in the neighborhood health center.
  • If the animals looked agitated, usually there will be devastating natural disasters.
  • The total lunar of eclipse is likely to happen in about 140 years.
  • Our body will look healthier if we always shower 3 times a day.
  • Eating at the door will cause any difficulty of getting a mate.
  • The weather was very hot during the day that might be caused by heavy rains at night.
  • According to myths, shower at night will cause rheumatic diseases.
  • Paintings made by Shinta is very nice than the paintings made Budi.
  • Dead tiger in the zoo yesterday is likely the result of a disease transmitted by elephants who died three days
  • earlier.
  • Perhaps, the teacher was tired.
  • Consuming green tea every day is very good for our health.
  • The government should not raise the fuel prices.
  • The rise of criminal acts that occurred recently due to the lack of jobs for them.
  • The high price of rice in the traditional market today is likely to persist for the next 3 months.
  • Consumption of cassava fries taste better when accompanied by a cup of hot coffee.
  • According the tourists that visiting Indonesia, the Indonesian people are very friendly and smiling.
  • If there is no corruption in this country, certainly our country has become a developed country like the United States or Japan.
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