Percakapan Bahasa Inggris Antara Dua Orang Siswa Di Sekolah

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Percakapan Bahasa Inggris Antara Dua Orang Siswa Di Sekolah – Yuk kita simak percakapan singkat berikut ini. Semoga bisa menjadi referensi yang berguna bagi Anda.

Conversation 1

Student A : Hey Jarot, where do you go?

Student B : Hey Jami, I want to go to music room. I want to register my group band for music competition next week. How about you, don’t you register your group band?

Student A : Oh sure Jami. I will register tomorrow, because I still prepare the song and the instrument that I will perform. How about you, what the song and instrument that your group band will perform Jami?

Student B : Actually we have to perform one traditional song and one free song. For the traditional song we will perform Kampuang nan jauh dimato and the free song we will perform Disco lazy time from Nidji. We will perform that with jazz and Keroncong instrument. I heard that you will perform with jazz instrument right?

Student A : Wow that is very unique instrument friend. Yes we will perform that instrument. How do you know that Jami?

Student B : Yes we hope we will be the winner by perform that unique instrument. Your friend Rangga told me that yesterday. And I heard that ten group bands had registered for music competition next week. In your opinion which group band is the big rival?

Student A : Wow I think that will be more group band will register to that competition. I think Sule’s group band is the biggest rival because I know that they had been won in many music competitions. The second rival actually your group band Jarot. All of your band personal has a good music skill.

Student B : Yes, I agree with you, Sule’s group is the biggest rival, and also your group, Jarot.

Student A : I hope the competition will be running well and it can give us a big experience in music. Okay I will register first Jami, see you in next week’s music competition. Bye!

Student B : Okay Jarot good luck for that. Bye!


Conversation 2

Student A : How are you Andre? Have you heard the announcement of Djarum Scholarship?

Student B : I have not heard that. Do you get the scholarship Saswi?

Student A : I got it Andre. But I am sorry I forget to see your name in the announcement. Because there are so many people over there, so that is really hard for me to see it.

Student B : No problem I will see it now. Okay I will go there Saswi.

Student A : Okay Andre, I will wait you here. Don’t forget to inform me if you get it.

Student B : Sure Saswi.

After Andre saw the announcement..

Student B : Saswi I got the scholarship. I am so happy after saw the announcement

Student A : Congratulation Andre. We can prepare the requirement of that together.

Student B : Yes thank you Saswi. I am so happy because we will go to bali for the training. My dream comes true Saswi, I have not gone to Bali before.

Student A : Yes I hope we can join the training well. So that we can get a best experience in our life.

Student B : All right Saswi.

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