Penjelasan Detail Mengenai Personal Pronoun

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Penjelasan Detail Mengenai Personal Pronoun – Pronoun adalah kata ganti benda yang bisa berfungsi sebagai subjek dan objek dalam sebuah kalimat.



















Memilih Personal Pronouns yang Akan Digunakan

Beberapa hal yang perlu diperhatikan:

• Jumlah benda yang akan digantikan dengan pronoun.

Apakah tunggal, atau lebih dari satu (jamak)?
Jika tunggal, maka kata ganti yang dapat digunakan meliputi:
Sebagai subjek: I, you, she, he, dan it.
Sebagai objek: me, you, her, him, dan it.
Jika jamak, maka kata ganti yang dapat digunakan meliputi:
Sebagai subjek: we, they, you.
Sebagai objek: us, them, you.

• Jenis kelamin

Perhatikan jenis kelamin benda yang akan digantikan dengan pronoun:
Male (laki-laki) = he (subjek), him (objek).
Female (perempuan) = she (subjek), her (objek)

ads: [sc:kodeadsense]

Personal Pronoun Sebagai Subjek

Mereka meliputi: I, you, they, we, she, he, it.

Contoh dalam kalimat:
• I am excellent.
• We won the Olympiad.
• She should go to the garage to fix her car.
• He visits her mother in Jakarta once a month.
• They have to be careful in doing the test.
• It is great to know that my sister-in-law is pregnant.
• I feel so beautiful with my new veil.
• It has 10-year guarantee.
• Is it okay to enter the room before the event begins?
• She got an award from the university as the best student of the year.
• We cannot remember the moment when we were separated.
• He played piano so well.
• He learns to play guitar with his older brother.
• I don’t care about him anymore.
• She does not like his way in treating herself.
• I think that we have to achieve our dreams.
• You are so beautiful just the way you are.
• He is my brother’s friend in the office.
• It is going to rain.
• They want us to play together with them.
• They went to Australia only for vacation.
• They come from Canada.

Personal Pronouns Sebagai Objek

Mereka meliputi: me, you, them, us, her, him, it.

Contoh dalam kalimat:
• I don’t know her.
• She gave them the answers.
• He brought some foods and drinks for him.
• They helped me so much in getting the job.
• You should know that he really loves you no matter what.
• Did Tiara come with him?
• Does Pita clean it?
• Can you bring it for me?
• Miyuma called us last night.
• Did John and Mary beat you at doubles?
• John and Mary helped them.
• I never forget to text her everyday.
• He must miss me.
• I will meet you in a few minutes.
• She cannot find him.
• I saw her in town today.
• They saw us in swimming pool this afternoon, but they didn’t greet us.
• She is waiting for him.
• He doesn’t wait for her.
• I will check it for you.
• Take it for us.
• Why is he staring at her?
• Don’t make us angry.
• I will tell you the truth.

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