Penjelasan Demonstrative Pronoun Lengkap!

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Penjelasan Demonstrative Pronoun Lengkap – Demonstrative pronouns adalah kata ganti benda yang bertugas menggantikan nama benda atau menunjuk benda dalam jarak atau waktu dengan kata seperti: this, that, these, dan those. Demonstrative pronouns juga dapat berdiri sendiri menjadi subjek atau objek.

Demonstrative pronoun mengindikasikan bahwa ketika Anda berbicara, Anda menunjuk suatu benda. Kalimat dengan demonstrative pronoun ini biasanya banyak ditemui dalam bahasa lisan. Dalam bahasa tulisan juga ada, namun konteksnya harus jelas.

• Menunjukkan benda yang dekat dalam jarak atau waktu : this, these
• Menunjukkan benda yang jauh dalam jarak atau waktu : that, those
• This dan that : menggantikan kata benda/menunjuk kata benda yang jumlahnya tunggal (singular)
• These dan those : menggantikan kata benda/ menunjuk kata benda yang jumlahnya jamak (plural)

Berikut ini adalah contoh demonstrative pronouns di dalam kalimat:

1. This tastes good but that doesn’t.
2. Have you watch this before in the cinema?
3. These are my favourite dresses. Those are very beautiful, right?
4. Do you like this? I will change with the other one if don’t like this.
5. Those are very wonderful. I finally can see the stars from the telescope.
6. Look at that! The kids are playing soccer. They are so cute.
7. I can’t understand the problems. Those make me crazy.
8. Can you see those? Those are the sparkling light in her garden. I love it.
9. This is easier than that.
10. These are longer than those.

11. My radios are broken. Those need fixing.
12. This is Rita speaking. Is that Sugiarto?
13. That sounds cool! Let me see you playing your guitar live someday. I am amazed by your recording.
14. You said that I was so selfish. You taught me to be like that. Don’t you ever realize that?
15. This feels awful to be around him. He always makes me down. I don’t like that.
16. I heard that. You won the science Olympiad. What a great work! Congratulation for that.
17. These look fine. It is like nothing to repair. You only need to be careful and patient to use the tool.
18. I’ll buy these. How much do these cost?
19. Don’t do this to me. You are so mean to me. You hurt me. Please, go away.
20. I can’t eat these. These taste rotten. Just put these away, please.
21. These are prettier than those.
22. Is that mine? It seems like mine. I have ever bought the same one like that.
23. Do you see that? The children are trying to attract your attention. They love you.
24. Do those run well? I was worried if the programs couldn’t perform well.
25. Is that right to close the shop early? Won’t your boss get angry with you?
26. Don’t see that as something bad. You should see that from the good side.
27. Can you feel this? This is a feeling of a great love. Not all people can understand that.
28. Find me on my website. I write my poems form you everyday. Those are for you.
29. Do a good job. That will make your boss happy.
30. Be with me forever. That makes me feel so peaceful.

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