Penjelasan Declarative Sentence (Kalimat Statement/Opinion)

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Penjelasan Declarative Sentence (Kalimat Statement/Opinion) – Declarative sentence mungkin adalah jenis kalimat yang paling sering temui dalam bahasa Inggris. Kita menggunakan declarative sentence adalah ketika kita ingin membuat suatu pernyataan. Kalimat deklaratif, dalam bentuk suatu fakta sederhana, opini, maupun dalam bentuk pernyataan keras, bertujuan untuk memberikan informasi. Kalimat ini diakhiri dengan tanda titik.

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Pola Declarative Sentence

Kalimat deklaratif terbentuk dari pola:

Subject + Predicate

Declarative sentences selalu terdiri dari sebuah subjek dan predikat.


  • Your jacket is very clean. (opinion)
  • You must wash your jacket almost everyday. (statement)
  • Tania always looks fresh and pretty. (opinion)
  • I will go to Japan next month. (statement)
  • Vivi is diligent and smart. (opinion)
  • I told him not to be late to come to my house. (statement)
  • I feel lazy to work out today. The weather tempts me to sleep again. (statement)
  • I think you should be careful with your sharp words. (opinion)
  • We are not going anywhere tonight because it rains. (statement)
  • He looks fat but fresh after getting married. (opinion)
  • She is impatient to stay in line. (statement)
  • Dargo is very handsome with his white shirt and brown trousers. (opinion)
  • Cika and gina works at an international company in Jakarta. (statement)

Declarative sentences juga bisa dibagi menjadi dua, yaitu kalimat positif dan negative.

Declarative sentences yang memiliki makna positif disebut kalimat afirmatif.

Contoh :

Positive (Affirmative) Negative
I know the secret behind her recipe. I do not know the secret behind her recipe.
She understands why her friends prefer to work than to go to school. She does not understand why her friends prefer to work than to go to school.
Pita can sing beautifully. Pita cannot sing beautifully.
They cooperated very well. They did not cooperate very well.
We think about the solution of the problem. We do not think about the solution of the problem.


Compound Declarative Sentences

A compound declarative sentence adalah kalimat deklaratif yang majemuk. Dengan kata lain, kalimat ini merupakan kalimat deklaratif yang memiliki dua atau lebih subjek dan predikat yang dihubungkan dengan kata penghubung (conjunction).

Berikut ini adalah cara untuk membuat compound declarative sentence:

1. Menggunakan tanda koma dan kata hubung.
We visited the trans studio Bandung, and they visited Tangkuban Perahu.

2. Menggunakan tanda titik koma untuk menghubungkkan dua kalimat.
We visited the trans studio Bandung; They visited Tangkuban Perahu.

3. Menggunakan tanda titik koma dan kata transisi.

Kata Transisi

Kata transisi adalah kata hubung yang berfungsi sebagai kata keterangan.

Contoh kata-kata transisi:

  • In fact
  • Nonetheless
  • Besides
  • Instead
  • Moreover
  • Therefore
  • On the other hand
  • Nevertheless
  • Etc.

The house looks very dirty and messy; however they don’t care and let it be.

Many people underestimated his proposal to build his city; in fact, it got an award from the United Nation.

Talia studied very hard; therefore, she was accepted in the best university in United States of America last year.

**Declarative sentences dapat berbentuk kalimat simple, compound and complex. Mereka bisa langsung melibatkan direct objects, prepositions, indirect objects, and objects of prepositions.

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