Penjelasan Asking for Repetition Lengkap!

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Penjelasan Asking for Repetition Lengkap! – Asking for repetition, mungkin Anda pernah dengar? Atau malah belum pernah mengenal sama sekali?

Asking for repetition maksudnya adalah meminta seseorang untuk mengulang kembali apa yang dikatakannya. Jika dalam bahasa Indonesia, kita biasa mengucapkan kata maaf?, bisa diulangi lagi?, atau bisakah lebih keras lagi suaranya?, dan masih banyak lagi.

Beberapa kalimat atau frase yang bisa digunakan ketika Anda berbahasa Inggris antara lain adalah sebagai berikut:

Would you mind to repeat it once?
Would you mind being louder plase?
Could you repeat it, please?
Could you say it once again?
I am sorry, what did you say?
I am sorry, I cannot catch what you said.
I cannot hear you, could you please be louder?
Pardon me
I bag your pardon
Excuse me?
Loder please..
Speak up please..


Sementara itu, berikut ini terdapat sebuah contoh percakapan bahasa Inggris yang didalamnya terdapat beberapa kalimat asking for repetition.

A: Hello Rika, are you ready to have a private final examination for listening class today?
B: Yes miss, I am ready.
A: Okay, before you start the examination, I will explain the test procedure first. Are you with me?
B: Yes miss.
A: Alright, first, because of I lose the recording which will be used in this listening examination, I am going to read the questions by myself and you listen carefully then asnwer the questions. Second, the questions are going to be read in only two times. Third, for each question, I will give you two minutes. Are you understand?
B: May I ask a question miss?
A: Yes, you may.
B: When I think there is a word that extremely difficult, and you have repeated in in two times, but I still cannot hear that, may I ask you to repeat only that difficult word?
A: Hmmm, wait.., Okay, you are allowed to request that. But, I will only repeat it once more. Do you agree with me?
B: Yes miss, thank you.
A: I will read a short paragraph, and you need to write it on your paper. Okay, I will start. “Once upon a time, there was a poor man who love a beautiful and rich girl.”.. (a minute later) I will read it again, “Once upon a time, there was a poor man who love a beautiful and rich girl.”..
B: Would you mind to repeat the word after “there was” miss?
A: Okay, the word is “poor”..
B: Thank you miss.
A: We go to the next sentence, “Even he was so poor, but he never gave up and every day, he was always tried to approach that girl.”
B: Miss?
A: Yes Rika?
B: This place is very busy, I cannot hear you, so, could you please be louder?
A: Okay..

30 minutes later the final examination was finished..


Itulah penjelasan dan contoh mengenai asking for repetition. Semoga bermanfaat.