Penggunaan dan Contoh Kalimat Bring Serta Take

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Penggunaan dan Contoh Kalimat Bring Serta Take – Bring dan take adalah dua kata yang membingungkan dalam bahasa Inggris. Dua kata ini memiliki makna yang mirip, sehingga sering sekali kita salah menggunakannya. Sebenarnya masalahnya hanya satu, LOKASI. Bring adalah aktivitas membawa sesuatu ke lokasi pembicara, sementara take adalah aktivitas mengambil dan membawa sesuatu namun tidak menyerahkannya ke lokasi pembicara (menyerahkannya ke tempat lain). Penjelasan lengkapnya adalah sebagai berikut:

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Bring adalah kata kerja yang bermakna membawa sesuatu atau memindahkan sesuatu ke arah pembicara, mendekat ke pembicara atau kemana si pembicara berada. Misalnya, “bawakan pulpen kesini!”, maka ketika barang dipindahkan ke arah pembicara, gunakanlah bring.


1. My mother asked me to bring all of the clothes to her room.
2. Nindi always brings some new clothes to my house. She is very kind.
3. I will be at home in the evening. Would you like to bring those books to my house? Those are very heavy.
4. Do you know who brings these gifts to my house? I don’t expect there’s someone kind.
5. I can’t go outside now. I am so busy. Could you bring some foods home for our lunch?
6. Don’t forget to bring your swim suit. We will practice swimming tomorrow.
7. Why do you bring your cat with you in our trip? Is there no one who can take after it at your house?
8. I don’t know what the use of bringing this umbrella is right now. It is sunny day. It is a lovely day.
9. We should bring medicine and other helping stuff with us.
10. Please bring your application letter and the supporting document in the interview.
11. What materials do you bring for our cooking class today? I am so excited for the class.
12. Please prepare yourself for tomorrow. Bring some foods and drinks because we are going to have a tiring trip.
13. Who brings these novels? May I borrow one of them?
14. Do you bring any jacket? I feel cold but I don’t bring mine.
15. I bring some pencils. I think my friend will need it. I will lend them.



Take adalah kata kerja yang bermakna membawa sesuatu berpindah menjauh dari si pembicara atau tidak ke tempat pembicara berada. Misalnya “Bawa/Ambil kamera ke meja itu.” Karena kameranya tidak dibawa kemudian ditaruh di lokasi dimana tepatnya pembicara berada, maka gunakanlah take sebagai kata kerjanya.


1. Let’s take a picture together.
2. You can take your books on my desk.
3. Shinta take a seat on the front row near the door.
4. Here, take your order. They have already been ready since two days ago.
5. Have you taken your identity card on the receptionist? Don’t forget to take it!
6. Take me home now. I am so tired but I’m afraid to go home by public transportation.
7. My brother takes his car from the garage. It’s already there weeks there.
8. Tifi took her dog from the cage and bring him to the veterinarian yesterday. It seems sick.
9. The doctor said that we should take the medicine at the drugstore.
10. She takes the highest priced dress. She is very picky.
11. I can’t tell you who takes the first prize.
12. They took some advantages from the accident. I don’t know why they did that.
13. Do you see my calculator? Does anyone take it?
14. Can I take the ticket now? I have paid for it but the clerk hasn’t given me one. The bus will come and I am in hurried.
15. It takes 30 minutes to bake the banana cake.

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