Pengertian, Rumus, dan Contoh Elliptical Construction

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Pengertian, Rumus, dan Contoh Elliptical Construction – Jika bahasa Indonesia memiliki kalimat majemuk, bahasa inggris ternyata juga memiliki jenis kalimat yang sama, yaitu elliptical construction. Apakah yang dimaksud dengan elliptical construction itu?

Eeliptical construction adalah penggabungan dua buah kalimat yang memiliki verba yang sama. Dengan kata lain, kalimat ini menunjukan bahwa seseorang melakukan atau merasakan hal yang sama dengan orang lain.

Contoh :

Siska is so happy.
(Siska sangat bergembira)

Tika is so happy.
(Tika sangat gembira)

Elliptical construction

Siska is so happy and Tika is too.
(Siska senang dan Tini juga)

Both siska anda Tika are happy.

Perhatikan contoh di atas, jika tidak menggunakan elliptical construction kalimat di atas akan menjadi seperti ini Siska is so happy and Tika is happy too. Kalimat tersebut tidaklah tepat karena terdapat pengulangan. Oleh karena itu, elliptical construction digunakan untuk menghindari pengulangan kata.

Jenis – Jenis Elliptical Construction

Ada dua jenis elliptical construction, yaitu penggabungan setara dan penggabungan perlawanan. Berikut ini adalah jenis – jenis elliptical construction.

1. Penggabungan Setara

Penggabungan setara yaitu, gabungan dua buah kalimat yang memiliki subjek yang sama dan biasanya menggunakan konjungsi And.

A. Elliptical Construction Positive

Bentuk elliptical ini menggabungkan dua buah kalimat positif, berikut ini adalah contoh-contoh kalimatnya.

1. Sentence menggunakan to be , + and + S + to be + too
, + and + so + to be + s

Contoh :

  1. She is studying in the class, and Jane is too.
  2. Diah was so sad, and so was Diah.
  3. They are going to the beach, and so are we.
  4. John is smart, and his brother is too.


2. Sentence menggunakan auxiliary , + and + Subject + auxiliary + too
, + and + so + auxiliary + Subject

Contoh :

  1. Tono can speak English fluently, and so can Tini.
  2. We will have an examination tomorrow, and they will to.
  3. Rian should study hard, and so should Dika.
  4. I have watched Jurassic World movie in cinema, and she has too.
  5. She has finished her task, and so have I.


3. Sentence menggunakan verb , + and + Subject + (do, does, did) + too
, + and + so + (do, does, did) + Subject

Contoh :

  1. Budi came to central park, and so did Ani.
  2. I always wake up in at six o’clock, and my sister does too.
  3. My mother loves music, and so do I.
  4. They went to Bali Island last year, and we did too.
  5. She gets a good score in English test, and so does he.


B. Elliptical Construction Negative

Bentuk elliptical ini menggabungkan dua buah kalimat yang bersifat negative, berikut ini adalah contoh kalimatnya.

1. Sentence menggunakan verb , + and + S + (don’t, doesn’t, didn’t) + either
, + and + neither + (do, does, did) + S

Contoh :

  1. I didn’t attend to Jane’s party last night, and Siska didn’t either.
  2. He doesn’t bring her assignment, and neither do I.
  3. They don’t want to go home early, and we don’t either.
  4. My father doesn’t allow me to go, and neither does my mother.
  5. I don’t have any money, and Budi doesn’t either.


 2. Sentence menggunakan auxiliary , + and + S + auxiliary + either
, + and + neither + auxiliary + Subject

Contoh :

  1. I cannot sleep all night long, and my brother cannot either.
  2. He should not go to the market, and neither should he.
  3. My father might not come today, and my mother might not either.
  4. Dewa will not come to that place any more, and neither will I.
  5. She has not paid the payment, and he has not either.


3. Sentence menggunakan to be , + and + S + to be + either
, + and + neither + to be + Subject

Contoh :

  1. My father is not a teacher, and my mother is not either.
  2. Budi was not happy about that, and neither was I.
  3. They are not the best club in the world, and we are not either.
  4. Dika was not studying last night, and neither was Nanda.
  5. We were not going to the beach last week, and they were not either.

2. Penggabungan Berlawanan

Elliptical construction ini menggabungkan dua buah kalimat yang tidak setara. Dengan kata lain, jika kalimat positif, maka kalimat kedua negative.

Positive sentence But / While Negative sentence
Negative sentence Positive sentence

Contoh :

  1. I finished my assignment, while he didn’t.
  2. We will not be invited to that party, but they will.
  3. I am not good in math test, while she is.
  4. He has not had a breakfast, but I have.
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