Pengertian, Fungsi, dan Contoh Particle dalam Bahasa Inggris

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Pengertian Particle

Di tata bahasa, partikel adalah kata fungsional yang harus terkait dengan kata lain atau frase untuk memberikan makna, yaitu kata tidak memiliki definisi sendiri. Kita menggunakan partikel dalam frase kata kerja. Partikel itu menyerupai preposisi tetapi partikel banyak digunakan mirip seperti kata keterangan untuk memberi lebih banyak makna kepada kata kerja. Partikel biasanya ditempatkan setelah kata kerja utama. Beberapa partikel yang paling umum ialah on, off, in, into, out, up, down, away, back, through, over, dan lain-lain.


Fungsi Particle

  1. Particlebiasanya digunakan bersama verb untuk membentuk frase kata kerja (verb phrase).
  2. Particle“to” bersama verb membentuk kata kerja infinitive (infinitive verb).
  3. Particle “not/n’t/’t” untuk membentuk negasi dalam kalimat.
  4. Particle dapat digunakan untuk membentuk kalimat perintah seperti: don’t, let’s, dan lain-lain.


Contoh Particle dalam Kalimat

We called off the party.
(Off is the particle of the phrasal verb call off.)

we came back at ten last night.
(Back is the particle of the phrasal verb come back.)

Michael showed up early.
(Up is the particle of the phrasal verb show up.)

He took off his jacket.
(Off is the particle of the phrasal verb take off.)

My father is trying to put out the fire.
(Out is the particle of the phrasal verb put out.)

My daughter learns to put on her dress by herself.
(On is the particle of the phrasal verb put on.)

Please, get out from my way.
(Out is the particle of the phrasal verb get out.)

Shut up you mouth if you don’t want me to be angry.
(Up is the particle of the phrasal verb shut up.)

She likes to listen to music.

My father wants to study English.

English is easy to learn.

I need to go now.

I request to buy some foods at the market.

I want to sing many songs.

I want to stay here.

I love to dance and sing.

Jojo likes to cook.

Andina hates to swim.

I don’t want any more of your water supply.

I don’t want to meet anyone today.

She doesn’t want to be with him.

Can’t you do it for me?

I don’t understand you and all of your attitudes to me.

He doesn’t have any idea to hold the event.

Don’t tell me to go away from you.

Don’t bring many things to my house.

Don’t give me a hope if you can’t.

Don’t play outside. It’s rainy.

Don’t give up on me. I will do the best I can.

Don’t play with my heart. You will get hurt, not my heart.

Don’t ask my mother to do heavy work.

Don’t say you lie to me.

Don’t be angry. I am not like what you think.

Let’s go to the beach.

Let’s build an empire.

Let’s have lunch together.

Let’s work hard.

Let’s do the best.

Let’s be the great team.

Let’s run fast and chase them.

Particle vs Preposition

Sebagian besar particle tampak seperti preposition. Untuk mengetahui perbedaannya, Anda dapat memindahkan kata tersebut dan kata benda yang mengikutinya ke awal kalimat. Jika dapat dimengerti, maka hal itu bukan particle, melainkan preposition.

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