Pengertian Distributive Determiners dan Penjelasannya

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Pengertian Distributive Determiners dan Penjelasannya – Distributive determiners digunakan untuk merujuk sekelompok orang/benda, individu dari kelompok. Distributive determiners juga digunakan untuk mengekspresikan bagaimana sesuatu didistribusikan, dibagikan, dan dipecah. Berikut ini adalah contoh dari distributive determiners dan fungsinya:

Distributive determinersFungsi
Each & every (setiap)Untuk membicarakan tentang anggota dari kelompok sebagai individu.
All (semua)Untuk membicarakan tentang kelompok secara keseluruhan.
Half (setangah/separuh)Untuk membicarakan kelompok yang dibagi.
Both (keduanya)

Either (salah satu dari dua-positif)

Neither (salah satu dari dua-negatif)

Untuk membicarakan pasangan benda atau orang.

Contoh kalimat:

1. Each and Every

• She understands each point of the regulation in the office but she pretends that she does not know at all.
• Every family member must involve in holding the family gathering that is set in August this year.
• Each student received a rapport of their performance at school.
• Every teacher is asked to submitted the lesson plan that they have made for a semester no latter than July 31, 2016.
• I believe in every advice that my coach gives to me. He is my inspiration.
• I am ready for each consequence that I have to face due to my indiscipline attitude.
• Each photo tells different moments when we have our honeymoon in Europe.
• The cartoonist would like to share his book to each child who comes.
• Each sign gives us a way to find the real evidence of the case.


2. All

• All clothes for your vacation have been packed in your luggage.
• He gives her all good options so that she can decide the best one.
• Jack and Daniel sat silently in the living room and talked about all mistakes that they have done to their mother.
• All workers in the new department store are afraid of ghost since there was a man who committed suicide from the rooftop of that building.
• Karenina visited all interesting places in Maluku when she had a duty there.
• All men were born to be stronger than women. But now, there are a group of women who are stronger than men.

3. Half

• You should not spend half of your money for unnecessary things.
• She ate half bowl of the noodle.
• Half of us will go to Lombok for a field trip.
• I need half a kilo of sugar to bake a big brownie.
• We usually save half of our weekly wage in the bank.
• Last week, Laras told me that half of the workers were going to protest against the tax policy.
• I thought that half of my soul flew away when you said you did not love me anymore.

4. Both, Either and Neither

• Both Jaya and Betty do not trust their tricky boss.
• Both of my children love watching cartoon movie.
• Both new watches do not work.
• I will play either of the games.
• Either weekend is great for having a picnic on the beach.
• There are two bedrooms in this house. You can choose either of them.
• Neither of the candies tastes good.
• Neither of the player seems ready.
• Bella like neither of the wedding gowns that you present.