Pengertian dan Contoh Paragraf Deduktif dan Induktif dalam Bahasa Inggris

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Pengertian dan Contoh Paragraf Deduktif dan Induktif dalam Bahasa Inggris – Cara yang paling dasar dalam mengatur kalimat adalah dengan membuat kerangka ide pokok dan bukti yang mendukung ide pokok. Baik mulai dengan tema dan mengisi rincian, atau menaruh spesifikasi untuk membangun pada suatu kesimpulan.

Paragraf deduktif:

Dalam tipe paragraf ini, Anda dapat menuliskan kalimat topik yang kemudian diikuti dengan pernyataan-pernyataan yang mendukung kalimat topic tersebut. Dalam sebuah paragraf deduktif kesimpulan biasanya disediakan di kalimat pertama dari paragraph. Kalimat tersebut mengandung pernyataan yang poin utama sering disebut sebagai topik kalimat. Topik kalimat ini kemudian dikembangkan hingga akhir paragraf dengan bukti dan penalaran/alasan yang mendukung kalimat topik.

Contoh paragraf deduktif:

1. Drugs misuse is very dangerous for health. It has addiction effect and every type of drugs have different effect. It can cause heart rate faster than normal. Even in many cases, people who use drugs become dying because of overdose.

2. Cleanness is important for health. Thus, we must always maintain good hygiene of food we eat, we use clean clothes and keep environment where we live clean. Many people already infected because of not keeping clean.

3. Indonesia is a diverse country. There are a lot of religion, belief and culture, for example, java, madura, ambon, lampung, and many more tribes that have distinctive feature of each tribe.

4. Green tea can maintain health of the skin naturally. Because, green tea can protect our skin from ultraviolet sting rays so frequently consuming green tea can make us avoid any of skin cancer disease. In addition it is proven to make skin not wrinkles fast.

Paragraf induktif:

Paragraf jenis ini menyajikan detil-detil data sebelum pada akhirnya bermuara pada sebuah kesimpulan. Sebuah paragraf induktif dimulai dengan salah satu bukti atau alasan yang mengarah ke pernyataan kesimpulan. Kesimpulan yang paling utama adalah bagian terpenting dari penalaran dan biasanya ada di akhir paragraf.

Contoh paragraf induktif:

1. Huge numbers of people are affected by the disease because of lack of awareness of maintaining the cleanness of food, clothes that we wear, and the type of neighbourhood that we live.  In fact almost all of us have already known that cleanness is very important to health.

2. Javanese, Madurese, Batak and Ambon are some of the many tribes that are in Indonesia. Besides the tribe and diverse cultures, there are also various religions and belief in Indonesia. Because of that, Indonesia is known as a diverse country.

3. Drug has addiction effect which is very vigorous and some types of drugs can lead to the heart rate rising. In addition, on certain conditions it may cause overdose and death. Drug is very harmful for health.

4. Vitamin A has function to cure health vision. Vitamin A also keep cells health in a variety structure of the eye and it is needed for the transfer of light into signs of nerves in the retina. Vitamin content in the fruit is the vitamin B complex. Vitamin B complex can help the body cells produce energy, heart health, and metabolism of carbohydrates and protect the body from cancer. Fruits also contain vitamin C which is useful to help immunity. Those are several kinds of vitamin contained in the fruit with its benefits.