Pengertian dan Contoh Kalimat Infinitive Phrase

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Pengertian dan Contoh Kalimat Infinitive Phrase – Infinitive phrase adalah phrase yang diawali dengan kata kerja bentuk infinitive [to + simple form of the verb]. Infinitive phrase bisa melibatkan objek atau kata penjelas lainnya.


  • To hit the mosquito
  • To past the national examination
  • To make the situation better
  • He helped to bring those things.
  • My neighbour returned to help us when we moved.
  • Show me the best way to love unselfishly.
  • They tell you to sing your favourite song.
  • I love to dance with my friends.
  • He likes to visit me in Bandung.
  • My mother permits me to watch Tulus Concert.
  • Tiara thinks again to decide the best way for her work.
  • Joni brings some food to have a barbeque party at my house.

Macam – Macam Infinitive Phrase

Berikut ini adalah macam – macam infinitive phrase beserta contohnya.

Infinitive Phrase Digunakan Sebagai Benda (Noun)

  • He writes to inform the other members that the practice is rescheduled.
  • We visit to see her last condition after the plastic surgery.
  • Toro and Kris beg to get attention from their father.
  • Samantha goes back to take her books left at school.
  • Benki try to be calm and friendly to other people in his environment.

Infinitive Phrase Digunakan Sebagai Kata Sifat (Adjective)

  • We show them the best way to count quickly.
  • I need you to accompany me here because the lamp goes off.
  • Yuni bought some candles to light up the room.
  • Heni is a given a chance to apply scholarship abroad.
  • My sister and I cook some soup to welcome our big brother from United States of America today.


Infinitive Phrases Digunakan Sebagai Adverbs

  • My friends returned to help me.
  • He goes to Jakarta to look for a job.
  • Fifi came early this morning to check the data.
  • I put away the book left on the floor to make it tidy.

Infinitive Phrase Dalam Bentuk Negative

  • She asks me not to go home late.
  • They told me not to go to the party.
  • My parents advise me not to go alone at night.
  • Juli requests not to be long in serving the foods.

Memberikan Tanda Baca yang Benar pada Infinitive phrase

1. Ketika sebuah infinitive phrase mengawali kalimat utama, maka dua kalimat ini dipisahkan dengan tanda koma. Berikut ini adalah pola dalam memberi tanda koma:

Infinitive Phrase + , + Main Clause.


To make a banana cake, we need some ingredients that we can get in the supermarket.
To wash the car, we have to prepare some tools.

2. Ketika infinitive phrase berada di tengah-tengah kalimat utama, ia disebut sebagai interrupter, maka pemberian tanda koma adalah sebelum dan sesudah interrupter tersebut. Pola nya adalah sebagai berikut:

Start of Main Clause + , + Interrupter + , + End of Main Clause.


That dress, to be perfectly honest, does not suit your tall body.

3. Ketika infinitive phrase berfungsi menyimpulkan kalimat utama, maka tidak dibutuhkan tanda baca ditengah-tengah kedua kalimat tersebut.

Main Clause + Infinitive Phrase.


Daniar and her family went to Lombok to visit many tourism places. They have a fantastic vacation.

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