Pengertian dan Contoh Kalimat Adjective Phrase

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Pengertian dan Contoh Kalimat Adjective Phrase – Adjective phrase adalah sekelompok kata sifat yang menjadi satu kesatuan makna. Adjective phrase bisa terdiri dari gabungan determiners, modifiers, dan juga adjective itu sendiri.

Adjective phrases bisa diletakkan sebelum kata benda, juga bisa diletakkan setelah linking verb (seem, see, sound, taste, smell, feel, etc).


She bought a long black dress.
I feel very excited.

Ingat bahwa adjective (kata sifat) dalam adjective phrase bisa dijelaskan dengan adverb (kata keterangan). Ketika ia dimodifikasi dengan adverb, maka adverb harus diletakkan sebelum adjective (kata sifat). Adjective juga bisa dijelaskan dengan kata penjelas lainnya seperti articles (a, an, the), kata ganti kepemilikan (possessives) dan kata tunjuk (demonstratives).


‘my fabulous young boss’
‘her small tidy room’

Dalam ‘adjective phrase’ tersebut ‘my fabulous young’ terdiri dari sebuah possessive (my) dan dua adjectives (fabulous dan young).

Dan dalam ‘her small tidy room’ terdiri dari sebuah possessive (her) dan dua adjectives (small dan tidy).

Penggunaan Adjective Phrases Sebagai Attributive Adjective dan Predicative Adjctive

Attributive Adjective adalah kata sifat yang ada di dalam noun phrase, ia bertugas untuk menjelaskan kata benda (noun) tersebut.


1. The beautiful excited girl who stands near the door behaves very friendly to me.

2. The loudly crying baby was hungry.

3. The most interesting art for me is traditional music.

Ketika kata sifat (adjective) muncul sebelum kata benda, ia disebut attributive adjective.


Predicative Adjective adalah kata sifat yang letaknya di luar noun phrase. Biasanya predicative adjective berhubungan dengan kata benda yang dijelaskan linking verb.


1. Your mother look very pale.
(look adalah linking verb, ia bisa diikuti langsung oleh adjectives)

2. They are greatly outstanding students in this university.
(Are adalah linking verb)

3. She feels so much lonely recently.
(Feel adalah linking verb, ia bisa diikuti langsung oleh adjective)

Contoh Adjective Phrase dalam Kalimat

  1. She is a very beautiful woman.
  2. I am not sure that he is her older brother. Maybe he is her boyfriend.
  3. Don’t be a spoiled naughty child.
  4. The test is extremely difficult.
  5. My obedient dog was lost.
  6. Your bag seems very old. It is like vintage style.
  7. We always get the best service in this city.
  8. Don’t be greedy or you will lose chance to get that beautiful smart woman.
  9. He is very cool and handsome man ever.
  10. It looks very tasty and delicious dish for our dinner.
  11. Have you cleaned your very dirty and messy room?
  12. We are still young enough to explore the world.
  13. His eyes were so much dazzling when he proposed me in front of public.
  14. Those supporters are extremely anarchy.
  15. I smell your perfume. It is fairly sexy.
  16. A twenty-year-old woman won the Indonesia beauty pageant competition.
  17. She is very kind to me and my family.
  18. My well-organized wedding party will be hold two years later.
  19. I intend to take a rest in the affordable enough hotel when I visit Bandung.
  20. The black long-tail cat looks sleepy. It is so cute.
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