Pengertian dan 45 Contoh Kalimat Simple Sentence dalam Bahasa Inggris

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Pengertian dan 45 Contoh Kalimat Simple Sentence – Simple sentence adalah bentuk kalimat yang paling dasar, yaitu hanya terdiri dari satu independent clause. Bentuk sederhanna tidak selalu berarti pendek, atau bahkan tidak rumit. Simple Sentence bisa berbentuk panjang dan memiliki subjek dan verb (kata kerja) majemuk. Subjek majemuk memiliki lebih dari satu kata benda yang melakukan suatu aksi dan predikat majemuk memiliki lebih dari satu kata kerja dengan subjek yang sama. Hal itu dapat dihubungkan dengan kata hubung seperti “and” dan “or”. Sehingga, subjek dan kata kerja/predikat dari simple sentence bisa menjadi majemuk dan tetap dianggap satu kalimat dengan satu subjek dan satu kata kerja (verb).

1. Sebuah simple sentence memiliki satu independent clause dan mengekspresikan satu ide/topic.

Contoh: Ira plans to go to Bali next month.

2. Sebuah simple sentence pasti memiliki kombinasi satu subjek-kata kerja, tetapi subjek nya bisa majemuk atau lebih dari satu.

Contoh: Tania and Vania are happy to get the prizes.

3.  Sebuah simple sentence bisa memiliki kata kerja majemuk.

Contoh: She cooked and served a Korean dish.

4. Sebuah simple sentences bisa hanya memiliki satu kombinasi subjek-kata kerja dan tanda koma tidak digunakan. [sc:kodeadsense]

Contoh Simple Sentence:

1. She speaks Spanish.
2. My friends read newspaper everyday.
3. The boss came late today.
4. I loved him very much.
5. Nia has lost her bag.
6. Let’s hang out together.
7. How are you doing?
8. Don’t be angry.
9. There were two cats in his house..
10. There is someone at the second floor.
11. John, please behave well.
12. Can you help my mom?
13. Thomas yelled.
14. The visitors have gone away.
15. The old man usually walks around the garden.
16. I sent a book for you two days ago.
17. That game bored me.
18. They have eaten all the bread.
19. My mom sells her dress with low price.
20. I am a teacher.
21. He is getting ready.
22. This sweater is stain.
23. He compose a great music.
24. The examination is tomorrow.
25. We work hard.
26. The meetings will be held every month.
27. My friend got a free ticket to One Direction’s concert.
28. A boy gave her flowers.
29. he gave the children chocolate.
30. We should send her some foods..
31. Ara sent me a text message this morning.
32. Sarah sent some money to her parents in the village.
33. She is a very clever student in the class room.
34. The event makes us very busy everyday.
35. The song becomes a big hit in this month.
36. He made me cry.
37. She cooks grilled fish every day.
38. She took my money from my wallet without permission.
39. My father sleeps in living room every night.
40. I do not know about the latest gossip of many celebrities.
41. Dodo is studying English now.
42. Chandra has already eaten her breakfast.
43. Tisa has been listening to music for an hour.
44. She wants to go to her village with her family.
45. My mother and I need a refreshing treatment this week.


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