Latihan UN Bahasa Inggris SD dan Kunci Jawaban

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Latihan UN Bahasa Inggris SD dan Kunci Jawaban

This text is for questions number 1-5.

Today is Wednesday. It is the day that I am always busy with many activities. The first activity is begun in the early morning. I go to school at 6 a.m. and I will go home at 6 p.m. My schedules for today are studying in the classroom, and having choir practice and playing badminton after school. It is very tiring but I love it very much. At the end of this month, I will face final examination. For that reason, my mom asks me to reduce my extra activities. I need to spend more time at studying and taking extra course.

1. Why is the writer very busy on Wednesday?
A. because the writer has many assignments.
B. because the writer has to wake in the early morning.
C. because the writer has many activities.
D. the writer has many extra course.

2. What time will the writer go home that day?
A. 6 o’clock in the morning.
B. 6 o’clock in the evening.
C. 6 o’clock in the afternoon
D. 6 o’clock in the night

3. What are the writer’s activities after school?
A. studying in the classroom
B. studying and having choir practice
C. having choir practice and playing badminton
D. studying and taking extra course

4. Why does the writer’s mom ask her to reduce the extra activities?
A. because the writer is going to join choir competition
B. because the writer is going to study hard
C. because the writer is going to take extra course
D. because the writer is going to face final examination

5. What does the writer feel about having many activities?
A. She is tired but she is happy.
B. She is tired and she hates it.
C. She feels bad and she doesn’t like it.
D. She feels happy and she loves it.

This text is for questions number 6-10.

The Invisible Alligator
A young monkey named Sari woke up one morning and knew there was trouble. She hopped out of bed and found that the bridge on her favourite castle had been broken in the night, and it took her forever to fix it. Then she found her stairs covered in toys. She tripped on one and had to pick them all up. Then she couldn’t ride her llama to school because the whole herd was running loose. It took her six tries to get them onto a pointy rock so they would calm down and quit trying to eat her homework. She was so late that she missed almost all of her favourite class, Algebra II. And her homework was covered in bites and hoof prints. She’d had enough. Tonight Sari would put a stop to this. That night she stayed awake long after bedtime. Long enough to hear the rustling of long tails under her bed. She flipped her bed over and found invisible alligators all over her room. “What’s going on here?” she demanded. “Sari, we’re the invisible alligators and we do this for everyone,” one alligator explained. “We’re just trying to help; let me show you.” So she followed him deep into the alligator catacombs. As they walked he explained, “You see, we cause trouble in all kinds of ways.” “In this house I’m hiding the remote control and this sheep will search his house for a week.” “And in this house we’re stealing the chocolate cake mix and putting out fresh broccoli instead.” (continue…)
6. What is the name of young monkey?
A. Sari
B. Risa
C. Asri
D. Sira

7. What makes her shocked?
A. She had a nightmare in the night
B. She hopped out of bed in the night
C. She found the broken bridge of her castle in the night
D. She found her house broken in the night

8. What did she find on her stairs?
A. Rock
B. Toys
C. Herd
D. Homework

9. What did she do to stop the mess?
A. She slept tightly all night long
B. She fixed the broken bridge for six times
C. She played with her toys in the night
D. She stayed awake long after bedtime

10. What did she find when she flipped her bed over?
A. alligator catacombs
B. remote control
C. invisible alligators
D. chocolate cake

Answer Keys:

1. C
2. B
3. C
4. D
5. A
6. A
7. C
8. B
9. D
10. C

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