Kumpulan Soal Bahasa Inggris Kelas 5 SD dan Jawabannya

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Kumpulan Soal Bahasa Inggris Kelas 5 SD dan Jawabannya – Berikut ini, terdapat berbagai macam Contoh Soal bahasa Inggris dan jawabanya tentang Where is the Building dan personal pronoun. 🙂

1. Find the best answer!

1. Behind=…..
2. On/at=………
3. …………= jauh
4. Near=……….
5. Between=…….
6. ……………= di samping
7. In front of=……..

2. Complete the sentences below by the providing option!

1. The post office is … Jl. H. Pangeran Sudirman
2. My house is … Jl. Kelud Mount, Number 10
3. The police office is … the market. It is just about 500 meter
4. The hospital is … my house. So I can see it from my porch.
5. Andi’s house is … Jane’s house. They are a neighborhood.
6. The zoo is … from our school. We should go there by bus.
7. The cinema is … the post office and the market.
8. You cannot see my house because my house is …. The restaurant.
9. I met her … the bank yesterday.
10. The airport is …. Jl. Soekarno hatta.


A. Between
B. On
C. At
D. In front of
E. Behind
F. Far
G. Near
H. Beside

3. Complete the dialogue below!

Andi: Excuse me, could you tell me 1….. The bust station is
Ani: The bust station is 2…. from here. You can go by foot or by taxi.
Andi: if you go by foot just 3…. Until you meet barbershop and then 4…. To the right. The
bust station is 5……. The market.
Ani : how if I go by taxi?
Ani : take the bus 6….. Jl. Pangeran Sudirman then asks the driver to go to Bus station.
Andi: ohh I see, 7……
Ani: you are welcome.

Personal Pronoun

1. Change the subject pronoun into object!

1. They=
2. We=
3. I=
4. You=
5. She=
6. He=
7. It= [sc:kodeadsense]

2. Fill in the blank!

1. John is a new student in our school.
_____ is a handsome boy.

2. She is Marry.
I met ___ in the school yesterday.

3. John and Dave are friends.
_____ are always together.

4. The books are expensive.
I could not buy ____ all.

5. The dog stands in front of Mary’s house.
_____ barks so loudly

6. We are her students.
She gives _____ a difficult task.

7. Daisy hates John.
Every time she looks _____ she gets angry.

8. You are asked to see Mr. Karno
_____ wants to talk to ________

9. John tells them not to speak loudly.
____ listened to ____ and be quiet.

10. Mary has a dog.
_____ named ____ Blacky

3. Choose the best answer!

1. Mrs. Andrea is our new teacher. _____ teaches us Biology.

a. She
b. her
c. They
d. we

2. These books are belonging to her. I have to put ______ on her desk.

a. he
b. them
c. it
d. she

3. John and I will go to Bali next week. _____ are very happy now.

a. them
b. us
c. we
d. they

4. “Please give____ the dictionary” asked her.

a. I
b. She
c. We
d. me

5. My computer is broken. The technician is fixing ______ now.

a. It
b. her
c. them
d. I

Kunci Jawaban

Where is the building


1. Di belakang
2. Pada
3. Far
4. Dekat
5. Diantara
6. Beside
7. Di depan


1. B
2. C
3. G
4. D
5. H
6. F
7. A
8. E
9. C
10. B


a. Where
b. Near
c. Go straight
d. Turn
e. Beside
f. On
g. Thank you

Personal Pronoun


1. Them
2. Us
3. Me
4. You
5. Her
6. Her
7. It


1. He
2. Her
3. They
4. Them
5. It
6. Us
7. Him
8. He, you
9. They, him
10. She, it


1. A
2. B
3. C
4. D
5. A

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