Kata Kata Mutiara Bahasa Inggris Tentang Kehidupan

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Kata Kata Mutiara Bahasa Inggris Tentang Kehidupan – Mari kita baca contoh kata-kata bijak yang menyentuh hati berikut ini.

1. Enjoy your life since you still have it and learn it to be grateful of your condition.

2. Indeed a dream cannot guarantee your success, but don’t ever dream to be success without a dream.

3. The longer you lie, the more burden you have in your mind, guilty, and fear that will impede us.

4. Don’t hate those who say bad words to make you fall, because they are who will make you stronger everyday.

5. How big someone is not determined by his strength, but it is determined by his way to get up after falling down.

6. The most dangerous feeling is envious, because envious heart will bore hatred and hatred will kill slowly.

7. Don’t care however your life is like; you always have options to see the bad side and the good side.

8. Be happy of what we share, not what we get.

9. Occupy your time wisely. Do your task immediately. Don’t say to do it later.

10. Life seems too short to regret. Life is once. So, fill your life with good things to do.

11. In this life, we do not only look for the best one, but also it is how to accept that you are you.

12. Wise person is someone who knows whom he should trust. The wiser person is someone who can always be trusted.

13. Realize that complaining doesn’t finish anything. Complaining will only add a burden in your heart. Stop complaining. Act!

14. Don’t make failure as obstacle for your days. Keep spirit for the better future through today.

15. What we do reflects what is in our heart.


16. Lazy person has thrown a chance given by God, whereas God never create something vain.

17. Don’t judge a person from hiss past because we all already went away from that.

18. Everybody can change. Let them prove it.

19. A person who can control his/her emotion is the real champion.

20. Experience is not what happened on you, but what you have done for what happened on you.

21. The real challenge is not how to manage time, but how to manage ourselves.

22. It is easier to do something well than explain it why you do not do it well.

23. Most of us are not grateful of what we already have, but we regret for something that we haven’t reached it.

24. Crying is not a solution but sometimes it becomes a sedative.

25. Don’t think about the failure on yesterday. Today is different. Success can be reached since you still have the spirit.

26. It is not poverty which lower us, but a heart which insults kindness.

27. Past is part of our life to forget and remember at once. We forget the badness, we remember the goodness.

28. Remember what people have given to us, not what we have given to them.

29. Be good, make a good life, live a good life, give a good life to others.

30. Live this life to be the best version of yourself.

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