English Conversation Between Two People In The Market

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English Conversation Between Two People In The Market – Terdapat contoh percakapan bahasa Inggris antara 2 orang di pasar. Percakapan berikut terjadi antara dua orang sahabat lama yang sudah lama tidak bertemu. Semoga bermanfaat.

Mahmud : Hey Samsul, how are you today? Long time no see.
Samsul : Yes Mahmud I am fine. How about you?
Mahmud : I am just doing fine Samsul. Where do you work now?
Samsul : I haven’t been working. After I graduated from Lampung University, I continue my study in UNJ Jakarta. How about you, where do you work now?
Mahmud : I have the same, I haven’t been working. I also continue my study in UNS Solo. What semester are you in Samsul?
Samsul : I am in second semester. I joined the test last year. Are you in second semester too?
Mahmud : No, I had joined the test last month, but I will start the class next month.
Samsul : So what are you doing for waiting entering the class? Have you seen your classroom?
Mahmud : Yes last week, after the announcement of the test. I went to solo to booked a boarding house. I had also visited my classroom, library and its facility. It was not far different from Lampung university’s facility. How about your campus?

Samsul : I am satisfied with the facility. All of classroom has wonderful facility. Actually the payment is expensive enough. I also appreciate with the lecturer. All of them is very professional. They never come late to the class. They also have good ability in explaining the material.
Mahmud : How lucky you are. Although the facility in my campus is not good enough, but I hope I will have the same professional lecturer like in you campus. What is your favorite subject in your study?
Samsul : Yes I guess you will have professional lecturer in your campus because UNS solo is one of the best University in Indonesia. Actually I really like Educational Psychology. There are so many interesting theory that I can implement In my life. By the way, what major do you take in UNS Solo?
Mahmud : Yes, I do agree with you psychology is one of my favorite subject. I take music music major, I want to be a music lecturer. So what will you do after graduate from your campus Samsul?
Samsul : Wow that is a very great major. As I heard that entering music faculty is not easy. After you pass the test, we have to perform by playing at least two musical instruments. Is it right Mahmud?
Mahmud : Yes that is exactly right. I know that entering music faculty is not easy, so before the test, I always study hard, and practice musical instrument.
Samsul : May I know what kind of musical instrument did you play when you joined the test?
Mahmud : Sure, I played jazz musical instrument and traditional musical instrument from Java. I played violin for the jazz musical instrument and calung for traditional musical instrument. I am sorry Samsul,  I have to drive my father to the airport. We can continue our chatting in facebook. This is my account, Mahmudun. Okay friend?
Samsul : Okay My friend. Thank you very much for the nice chatting. See you next time Mahmud?
Mahmud : See you next time too Samsul.

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