English Conversation Between Two People In The Bank

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English Conversation Between Two People In The Bank – Terdapat sebuah contoh percakapan bahasa Inggris antara dua orang di Bank. Yuk dibaca, semoga bisa menjadi referensi yang bermanfaat bagi Anda. 🙂

Conversation 1

Banker : Good morning sir, May help the transaction?
Customer :  Good Morning miss. Yes I want to have a house credit, but I haven’t known how to get that. Could you explain to me miss?
Banker : Okay, this bank has two programs for house credit. The first program is Gold program and the second is silver program.
Customer  : What is the different between them miss?
Banker : The difference is from the down payment and credit time. In the gold program you   have to pay the down payment Rp. 50.000.000 for one year credit. You also have to pay the Credit Rp. 5.000.000 per month.  In the silver program you have to pay the down payment   Rp. 40.000.000 for one year credit. You also have to pay the credit Rp. 7.000.000 per  Month.  Which one do you want to choose sir?
Customer : Mmmm, I will choose the gold program? But I haven’t made the bank account miss.
Banker : After you apply the credit program automatically you will have the bank account. Now let me make your bank account. May I have your identity?
Customer : Oh sure miss, this is my KTP.
Banker : Okay, this is your bank account. And now may I count your money?
Customer : This is Rp. 50.000.000 for you miss.
Banker : Yes thank you sir. This is bank account book, you have to save this as the evidence when you want to get your house. You can get your house next week. Our employee will accompany you to go there. Thank you for nice transaction today sir. Good morning.
Banker    : Okay you are welcome and thank you very much for the nice service. Good morning.

Conversation 2

A :  Good morning miss, Welcome to Mandiri Bank. What can I do for you?
B : Good morning sir, I want to save my money and print out my bank account book.
A : Okay, you have to fill this blank. Fill your identity, date of transaction, and nominal that you want to save.
B : Okay wait a minute sir. Hmmm I have done that sir. This is the blank.
A : Yes, today is 3th march, your name is Ramuzi mahmadun, and your nominal is RP. 4.500.000. May I have you money, please?
B : Sure, here it is sir.
A : Okay, I have saved your money in your bank account. I have also printed out your bank account. All of your transaction is saved in that book.  You can see that in your bank account Book.
B : Okay thank you sir. May I ask something?
A : Sure miss. You can ask everything about this bank.
B : I want to ask about the television bonus that I get from making bank account. I haven’t got the television until now. When can I get it?
A : Yes, I am so sorry for that.  The stock of the television hasn’t been available. The bonus will be sent to your home next week.
B : I will be waiting for that sir.
A : Yes thank you for the nice today’s transaction. Good morning miss.
B : You are welcome and good morning sir.

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