English Conversation Between Two People in Buying Gift

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English Conversation Between Two People in Buying Gift – Membelikan hadiah seseorang tentu saja membutuhkan perjuangan, terutama perjuangan untuk menentukan pilihan tentang hadiah mana yang paling cocok. Seperti contoh berikut ini, dimana ada dua orang sahabat yang sedang menentukan hadiah apa yang akan mereka berikan kepada orang tersayang.



Toto : Mat, I need your help. Next week will be my girl friend’s birthday. I haven’t known what kind of gift which I want to give. Could you give me a solution for that?
Mamat : Sure, I will help you Toto. The first, may I know what is your girl friend hobby, favorite color, or favorite things?
Toto : Okay mat, my girl friend’s hobby is playing basketball, her favorite color is red, and his favorite thing is flower. Do you know what exactly gift I have to give? I still confuse what the gift which I want to give.
Mamat : After I see about what your girl friend like. I suggest that you have to give basket ball.
Toto : I had given her it when her last year birthday, Mat. Another suggestion, please?
Mamat : How about basketball, T-shirt which has the picture of her favorite basketball player?
Toto : That is a very great idea.  Thank you Mat.
Mamat : Sure, and I have another idea. You have to give her cake that has basketball picture. You have to also give her flower. Beside she is like flower, you will be looked romantic in front of her.
Toto : Wow, your suggestion is very brilliant and helpful. Thank you very much for that my best friend. I want to go the the gift store for buying those.
Mamat : You are welcome Toto. Good luck brother!!

Conversation 2

Rudi : Hey Joy, are you fine?  you look so confuse. What happen with you?
Joyo : I am in a bad condition Rud, Tonight will be my aunt birthday party. I haven’t bought the gift because I do not know what the suitable gift that I have to give. I only have few hours to prepare that.  Do you have suggestion for that, Rud?
Rudi : Mmmm, I suggest that you have to buy high heels for her, because today high heel is a very popular. Do you agree for that?
Joyo : I think that is not enough suitable with my aunt, because as I heard from my mother, my aunt does not like that.
Rudi : I have another idea Joy, how about giving her Violin? You had told me that she is a very professional violinist.
Joyo : Yes that is right, thank you for remembering that friend. By the way do you know how to choose a good violin?
Rudi : I do not know about that. How about finding that information in google?
Joyo : That is good idea. Let’s find it.
Rudi : All right Joy.
Joyo : I have found Rud, fender violin is one of the best violin in the world. There are so many violinists use this. But I have another problems, I only have Rp. 500.000, while the price of the violin is Rp 600. 000.
Rudi : How about this Joy, Ibanes Violin the price is only Rp 450.000, but the quality is not far different from Fender Violin. I suggest that you have to buy this violin.
Joyo : Okay, thank you for your suggestion. Let’s go to the music store Rud.
Rudi : You are welcome Joy. Let’s go friend.

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