English Conversation Between Mom and Son

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English Conversation Between Mom and Son – Berikut ini, terdapat contoh percakapan bahasa Inggris antara ibu dan anak laki-lakinya.

Table of Contents

Conversation 1

Child : Good evening mom? I am home.

Mother : Yes . Where have you been? Why do you come home late?

Child : I have an good news for you mom. But before I tell it may I take a bath first mom?

Mother : Okay don’t forget to have dinner after you take a bath. I will be waiting for you in family room.

Child : Yes mom.

After take a bath and dinner….

Child : Mom I will tell you about the good news, I pass the selection of National Badminton Competition.

Mother : Wow. I am so happy to hear that. So when the competition will begin?

Child : That will begin two next month mom. But next week I will go to Jakarta to join the training.

Mother : How about your study? Have you got the permission from your school?

Child : Yes I exactly get the permission. Mom, could you give me some advice how to be a winner in the competition? As I know that you were the great badminton player in your age.

Mother : You have to practice hard, get enough rest, discipline, and humble. That the tricks that I used in my age as a badminton player and the most important thing that you have to do is don’t ever judge that the winner is only your goal, but being a sportive player, and do your best is more important than everything.

Child : Okay mom, I will do the best for you, for my self, for my school, and all of the people that I love. Wish me luck in the competition mom.

Mother : Sure, do your best my son.


Conversation 2

Mother : Hey Andi. What are you doing there? Do you have time for me? I have something to tell you.

Child : I am doing nothing mom. Sure mom I have the time for you. What the thing do you want to tell me mom?

Mother : I want to discuss about what will you do after graduate from you senior high school. I really hope that you have the right choice for your future.

Child : Actually, I have to choice mom, I want to be a policeman and pilot. But I still really confuse to choose which one is the best for me. Do you have any advice for me mom?

Mother : In my opinion, you are better to be a policeman Andy. Beside the risk isn’t big, you can continue your father ambition. I worry if you want to be a pilot, there are so many plane accident that was happened. That always makes me worry about you.

Child : Yes mom. In my opinion being whoever is a good decision. But I want get a permission from my parent so I really enjoy and responsible about my future.

Mother : All right , your duty now is to prepare everything to get your bright future.

Child : Okay mom thank you very much for the helpful advice. I love you mom.

Mother : I love you too my son.

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