Dongeng Cerita Timun Mas Dalam Bahasa Inggris Terbaru

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Dongeng Cerita Timun Mas Dalam Bahasa Inggris Terbaru – Sebuah dongeng adalah hal yang menarik untuk terus diceritakan hingga beberapa dekade mendatang. Salah satu dongeng yang terus ada di dalam kehidupan kita dan diceritakan secara turun-temurun adalah dongeng timun mas.
Ternyata, animo terhadap cerita timun mas tidak hanya berhenti sampai di bahasa Indonesia saja. Ada banyak orang yang menginginkan cerita mengenai timun mas tersebut di bahasa Inggris. Oleh karena itu, saya akan berikan kepada Anda tentang sebuah cerita timun mas, namun dikemas menggunakan bahasa Inggris berikut ini.


Once upon a time, there lived a family. They were a farmer which is lived in a village near the forest. They lived lonely because they had not been blessed with child. Day after day, they always prayed to the Lord so that they were given a child.

One day a giant passed their home and heard they prayed to the god. The giant called them to get out from their house. Then, the Giants gave them a seed cucumber. “If you want a child, plant this seed!” said the giant. “Thank you a giant,” said them. “But if the child is already 17 years old, you must give that child to me” said the giant. Without thinking first, they agreed the giant’s agreement. Soon afterward, they planted the seeds. They took care of the plant as best as possible and full of love every day.

After months later a golden cucumber grew. The cucumber got bigger and heavier every day.  When the fruit was ripe, they picked it. They cut that fruit into two carefully. After they sliced the fruit, they got surprised. They found a very beautiful baby girl inside the fruit. The husband and wife were very happy. They named the baby Timun Mas.


Year after year went by. Timun Mas turned into a beautiful girl. They loved Timun mas so much. As Timun mas grew older, they were very scared of their promise to the giant and lived in fear. When Timun mas turned into 17 years old, that terrible day came. The giant came to the farmer’s house to take Timun mas away. The farmer got scared. They asked the giant to wait and calm down.  “Wait a minute. Timun Mas are playing. My wife would call her,” he said. And then the farmer’s wife went to meet her daughter immediately. “My daughter, take this,” She said. The farmer’s wife gave a pocket to Timun mas. “This will help you to fight against the Giants. Now run as fast as possible,” she said. After that Timun mas run to escape from the giant.

They were sad over the departure of Timun Mas. But they did not want to see their daughter becomes a giant’s meal. The Giants waited for Timun Mas so long. He was impatiently. He knew that he had been deceived by the farmer. Then he got mad to them and destroyed the farmer’s house. Having known Timun mas run away, the giant chased Timun Mas into the forest.

When the giant chased Timun mas, He tried to take her into his mouth. Timun mas knew that the giant was getting closer to her. Timun Mas felt that she was in danger and took a handful of salt from her pocket. Then she threw the salt over the Giants. All of sudden, sea appeared in front of the giant. The Giant did not give up. He tried to swim and hi did it. Then Timun Mas ran again. The giant continued chasing her and almost caught her. Timun Mas took a thing from her magic pocket one more time. She took a handful of chilies. Timun Mas threw the chili to the giant and then the giant was trapped in a jungle that full of sharp thorn. The giant screamed out in pain, while Timun Mas ran to save herself. The giant was strong enough to escaped from that obstacle. He continued running after Timun Mas. Timun Mas was almost desperate but she remembered that she has one more magic thing left in her pocket. She put her hand into her pocket and found terasi. She threw that terasi to the giant. Suddenly a mud lake appeared and made the giant felt into it. The giant tried to get out from the mud but the more he tried the deeper he was absorbed to the mud. Finally the giant was dead.

Timun Mas survived from the giant and then she then went back to her parents. The farmers were happy to see their daughter survived. They greeted to the god “Thank You, Lord. You have saved our daughter from the giant”. They were overjoyed and lived happily ever after.