Dialog Percakapan Bahasa Inggris Menanyakan Kabar atau Keadaan

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Dialog Percakapan Bahasa Inggris Menanyakan Kabar atau Keadaan – Berikut terdapat beberapa contoh percakapan bahasa Inggris yang memberikan pertanyaan-pertanyaan mengenai kabar atau keadaan.

Percakapan 1

Nira : Hello Peni, how is your life?

Peni : I am hectic, I’m preparing my business presentation for next week. I even haven’t had any refreshment for my mind.

Nira :  You must be very busy now.

Peni :  Yes, I am so busy. What about you? How is your life Peni? We haven’t met each other for long time.

Nira :  I am also busy with my online shop. I have to deal with many orders and customers everyday. Everyday is crazy day. How about your family, Peni?

Peni :  Everyone is fine. My parents are healthy. My husband becomes my hero everyday. I am so happy in my hectic day.

Nira :  Wow, Great. That sounds wonderful, Peni.

Peni :  How about you? How is your family?

Nira :  They are fine. But, they still insist me to get married as soon as possible. That’s terrible.

Peni :  I think you should think about that.

Nira :  Maybe. After these hectic days. I have to focus on it first.

Peni :  I am happy to hear that, Good luck for your life, Nira.

Nira :  Thank you. Send my regards to your family and your husband.

Peni :  Okay. I think I have to leave now. I must be back to my shop.

Nira :  Okay, see you next time.

Peni :  See you.

Percakapan 2

Jiko : How are you, Depi? Long time no see.

Depi : I am really fine. How about you?

Jiko : I am excellent. I am having fun here. I have a new girlfriend.

Depi : Wow, finally! Have a great time. Enjoy your night. Where is she from? You should introduce me.

Jiko : She is from Bandar Lampung. She is cute and friendly. I will introduce her to you next time.

Depi : Well, let’s meet together next time.

Jiko : Yup. See you next time.

Depi : Okay. Good bye. See you.


Percakapan 3

Bili : Hi, Wedi. You look handsome now. How’s life, bro?

Wedi : Hi, Bili. I am great as you see me now. I am very good. How about you?

Bili : I am very well. I have a great life after getting married.

Wedi : That’s great. I am so happy to hear that. How about your wife?

Bili : She is fine, too. She is pregnant now.

Wedi : Wow, How old is her pregnancy?

Bili : The doctor said it is about 3 months.

Wedi : May everything be fine.

Bili : Thank you, Wedi. Have a bright life.

Wedi : Yes, sure.

Bili : Where do you live now?

Wedi : I live in Jakarta.

Bili : Do you work there?

Wedi : Yes, I work there.

Bili : I also work in Jakarta but I go home once a week.

Wedi : That sounds good. I am so busy in the office so I cannot go home once a week like you. Well, Bili, I have to go home. See you later.

Bili : See you, Wedi.

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