Dialog Percakapan Bahasa Inggris in Daily Life

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Dialog Percakapan Bahasa Inggris in Daily Life – Di bawah ini, ada dua buah contoh percakapan bahasa Inggris yang terjadi di kehidupan sehari-hari. Semoga bermanfaat. ūüôā


Conversation 1

Husband    : My wife, we have together for five years. We already have two children. I am so grateful of having this togetherness.

Wife        : I am so proud of having husband like you. What should we do next for our
Relationship my husband?

Husband    : Our duty now is finding our children school. They have to get the best education.
I want they will be good children. They can develop their talent.  What do you
Think about that my wife?

Wife        : Yes I do agree with you my husband. I have an idea our son Fandy has a good
Talent in singing, and our daughter Sinta has a talent I painting. How about
Applying them to the music and painting school? So that they really can develop
Their talent.

Husband    : That is a very great idea. But in my opinion we have to applying them to the public
School.  For developing their talent we can enter them to the course.
Because, they have to get the public subject like science, mathematics, language,
And Sport. They are now in the developing period. So they have to know

Wife        :  Okay I Hope that will be the best for our children. Thank you very much for the
Nice sharing. I love you my husband.
Husband    : You are welcome my wife. I love you too.

Conversation 2

Mother        : Lucy, do you have time for discussing with me?

Daughter    : Sure mom, I have to finish my homework first. I will finish in 10 minutes.

Mother        : Okay, I will be waiting for you in dining room.

Daughter    : All right mom.

Daughter    : Hei mom, I have finished my home work. What the thing that do you want to

Mother        : I want to discuss about your study. Several months again you will finish your study
In your senior high school. Do you have any idea where the university do you want
To continue  your study?

Daughter    : Actually I still confuse about that mom, because I have several choices. I am still
Confuse which one is the best for me.

Mother        : Could you tell me what are they? May be I have some solution for you.

Daughter    : I have three choices mom. They are Mathematic faculty in UGM, Science Faculty in
University of Indonesia, and Music School in IKJ Jakarta.
Mother        : What the things that make you confuse. I think you have to choose as your talent
So you can enjoy your study latter.

Daughter    : I love them mom. But music is the most I like. I want to choose music faculty in IKJ
Jakarta. I hope you give me a permission to reach that.

Mother        : As your mother, I only can give you an advice. All of the thing that you want test
Deciding by your self. I will give you permission. Don’t forget to study hard because
You will face the before you enter to that campus.

Daughter    : Okay mom I will do that. Thank you for the advice mom. I’ll always love you

Mother        : You are welcome my beloved daughter. I’ll always love you too.

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