Dialog Percakapan Bahasa Inggris Expressing Surprise dan Disbelief

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Dialog Percakapan Bahasa Inggris Expressing Surprise dan Disbelief – Bagaimana mengekspresikan rasa terkejut dan tidak percaya? Simak dialog berikut ini.

Percakapan 1

Roni :  I went to Bali last weekend.

Mastur :  Really, who did you go with?

Roni :  I went alone.

Mastur :  You’re kidding… you went alone?

Roni :  Yes, I did. I visited Kuta Beach, Tanah Lot, and I also climbed Gede Mountain with other tourists. It was incredible.

Mastur :  Let me get this straight. You went alone to Bali. No one accompanied you. How about your parents? Did they worry?

Roni :  Oh yeah. It was no problem.

Mastur :  Seriously, I find this hard to believe. I know your parents. They wouldn’t allow you to go alone like that.

Roni :  Honestly, it was no problem

Mastur :  Wow, that’s good then.

Percakapan 2

Farah : Hey, Runi! I heard you became a stewardess.

Seruni : Yes, I did.

Farah : Wow! That’s cool!

Seruni : It is, isn’t it? But I worked really hard for the test.

Farah : So do you live in Jakarta now?

Seruni : I still live in Bandar Lampung. I go home every free day. I guess next month I will rent an apartment there.

Farah : Wow! All by yourself?

Seruni : There is a housing benefit from the company.

Farah : I feel so surprised to see you now. Have a great life for you.

Seruni : You, too.


Percakapan 3

Kristin : Hey, Gatra! I heard you will get married next month.

Gatra : Actually, That’s wrong. It will be held next week.

Kristin : Are you kidding me? So soon?

Gatra :  Yeah. I have been ready for that. I have got a settled life and I have a girlfriend. So, what I am waiting for?

Kristin : That’s great. How is the preparation?

Gatra :  It’s already 90 percent. Now is the time to be relaxed before the day comes. I am preparing myself to be healthy and fresh to face that day.

Kristin : This is surprising. I’m so happy for you and your wife to be. May all be done well.

Gatra : Thank you, Kristin.

Percakapan 4

Heni : Where are you going to go, Per? We have a meeting with some clients today.

Perdi : I’m sorry. I cannot tell you. It is very important for me.

Heni : You are unbelievable. We have to discuss with them but you will go somewhere without clear reason.

Perdi : I know. I’m sorry. I will tell about it later. But, please handle the meeting by yourself first.

Heni : What is so important?

Perdi : I’ll tell you later.

Heni : Unbelievable.

Perdi : Please understand. I’ll be back soon to the office.

Percakapan 5

Berry : Hey Celsi. How are you?

Celsi : I am fine, Ber. How about you?

Berry : I am excellent. I am studying at Oxford University now.

Celsi : Wow, great! Really?

Berry :  Yeah. It is my holiday so that I am in Indonesia now. I’ll be back to England next month.

Celsi : Are you staying at the dorm?

Berry :  No. I am staying in a rented house with other friends from Indonesia there.

Celsi : That’s fantastic. I can’t believe it.

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