Dialog Percakapan Bahasa Inggris 3 Orang Tentang Hobi

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Contoh Dialog Percakapan Bahasa Inggris 3 Orang Tentang Hobi – Percakapan dalam berbagai tema sering terjadi di dalam banyak bahasa. Bukan hanya bahasa Indonesia, namun juga bahasa Inggris.

Di bawah ini, kami memberikan contoh dialog percakapan yang dilakukan oleh 3 orang yang baru saling mengenal satu sama lain, mereka ber 3 bertemu di dalam sebuah acara penyambutan mahasiswa baru di kampus. Saat ini mereka sedang membicarakan tentang hobi mereka masing-masing.

Contoh Dialog Percakapan Bahasa Inggris 3 Orang Tentang Hobi

Anto: Hey! My name is Anto.

Deni: I am Deni.

Anto: May I sit here?

Deni: Absolutely yes.  Please have a seat!

Anto: Thank you! The ceremony has not started yet, has it?

Deni: Not yet, it will be begun about half an hour.

Deni: hmm.. Is that Chelsea football club’s logo on your bag? You like football, don’t you?

Anto: Yes that is right. I like sport especially football.

Deni: That is an interesting hobby, isn’t it?

Anto: Football is not only attractive but also good for health. By playing football,   we will keep healthy and fun.

Deni: Are you a professional football player?

Anto: Yes I am. I am playing for PSBL now.

Deni: Wow, I did not expect to meet a PSBL’s player here. I’m sure you are a good football player.

Anto: Hheee. Do you also like football?

Deni: No I don’t like it. I think, football is a boring exercise.

Anto: That is not true! Football is an exciting sport.

Deni: I do not understand why a group of people want to fighting over one ball one another, whereas they can have it and play with their own ball individually.

Anto: That is the best part of football, you know? By only one ball contested by 20 players, they should show their skill. Moreover, football needs good cooperation of team so that they can make goal and win the game. Winning the game is very fun for all the team.

Deni: I think all competition will rejoice when winning the game.

Anto: If so, what is your hobby?

Deni: I prefer traveling rather than football. I love enjoying the beauty of nature such as hiking, camping, and swimming at the beach.

Anto: Oh I see, so you are an adventure.

Deni: That is right. By traveling, we can enjoy our life and appreciate the beauty of God’s creation.

Anto: Do you often go climbing?

Deni: Yes, I do it every holiday. I usually go with my friends and having our best time there.

Anto: Does it mean you are just wasting your time by relaxing there?

Deni: No that is wrong. We are not only enjoying our time without doing anything, but we also maintain and preserve nature by planting trees to prevent landslides. Furthermore, we clean up the garbage in the river to prevent flooding.


Anto: Oh, I thought you guys just relaxing there. I interested in your hobby, anyway.

Deni: I think we can go together sometime. I will show you some beautiful places.

Anto: That sounds great. So I can refresh my mind from training schedule and competitions in my club.

Anto: I agree with you. You have to go on vacation to avoid stress occasionally.
(When they’re having the conversation suddenly someone greets them from the back)

Johan: Excuse me. My name is Johan, pleased to meet you!

Deni: Hi Johan, I’m glad to meet you too!

Anto: Hi I’m Anto. Pleasure to meet you too!

Johan: I had been listening to you guys talking about the fascinating natural beauty from my seat.

Anto: Yes we are talking about nature lover’s activity followed by Deni.

Deni: We also have plan to go to a beautiful place someday.

Johan: Seems pretty interesting for me. Can I come with you? I love taking picture of beautiful scenery and moment with this camera.

Anto: Are you a photographer?

Johan: Nope. I just like keeping a lot of good moment and beautiful scenery in photo. All I do is only for my own pleasure. So I think it will be nice if I go with you guys.

Deni: Of course you are allowed. We can go together someday.

Johan: Thank you guys for inviting me into that interesting activity.

Deni: It’s ok. We will be good fiends now.

Anto: Well then, we will go together next holidays. I will bring my ball so that we can play together there.

Johan: Then, I will capture the beautiful moment and scenery there.

Deni: I guess it will be a great journey guys.