Dialog Percakapan Bahasa Inggris 3 Orang di Museum

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Dialog Percakapan Bahasa Inggris 3 Orang di Museum – Di bawah ini, saya akan memberikan sebuah contoh dialog bahasa Inggris antara dua orang yaitu visitor atau pengunjung dengan resepsionis, beserta tour guide yang berlokasi di museum.

Visitor : Good morning sir. I want to enter this Museum. Can I buy the ticket?
Receptionist : Yes good morning miss. The price of the ticket is Rp 20.000, but if you want need a guide you can add your payment for Rp 10.000. Which one do you want miss?
Visitor : Okay I will buy the ticket with the guide sir. This is Rp 30.00 for you.
Receptionist : Okay mam. Thank you for the nice transaction.  I will introduce the guide that will accompany you along your visiting in this museum. He is Mr. Han, He will accompany you today to go around in this museum. You can ask every information to him.
Visitor : All right ,  thank you for the nice service sir.
Guide : Okay mam, My name is Han you can call me Mr. Han. And today I am responsible for you to go around in this museum. Anything do you want to ask mam?
Visitor : Oh sure Mr. Han. Could you tell me the history of this Museum?
Guide : Okay. This museum Build in 1900 when there was Nederland Colonialism. In the beginning of time this was a museum used by Nederland to save all of the war equipment, but when Indonesia got their independence in 1945, this museum was changed  became the history Museum of Indonesian Heroes.
Visitor : How about this figure Mr. Han, who is she?

Guide : This figure of RA. Kartini, a woman hero came from Central Java. She was the hero who strived women emancipation when Nederland colonialization in Central Java. You can take a photo this figure as your documentation mam.
Visitor : Yes of course Mr. Han, beside hero’s figure, what is another collection of this museum sir?
Guide : Beside Heroes figure. This museum also has war weapon that was used by Indonesian hero, all of them still traditional. Let me show that mam. This one is rencong  Such kind of knife which was used by people in Aceh in the Aceh war.
Visitor : I am so interesting with the shape sir. This knife is very different from the other Indonesian traditional knife.  This is so unique. Actually I am from Lampung. Is there traditional Weapon from lampung sir?
Guide : Of course mam. This musem has all of the traditional war equipment from all of Province in Indonesia. Let me go to that corner. This is Badik, the traditional weapon from Lampung Province. This was used by Raden inten and all of lampung People who strived against Nederland.
Visitor : Yes, this is same with my father collection. My father has many collection of Badik.
Guide : Wow you father is very proud of his province history.  I will show you the other unique traditional weapon. This is Belati, traditional weapon from papua. This weapon is very unique because there are some accessories in the weapon, and this weapon is also colorful. There are some ornaments of Papua.
Visitor : Wow this is so wonderful for me. Does this museum sell the replica of those weapon, Sir?
Guide : Yes of course mam. And this is the end my duty guiding you to go around in this museum. Thank you for today‘s visiting mam.
Visitor : You are welcome. I am so happy today because I have many new knowledge about history of province in my country.

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