Contoh Spoof Text Abu Nawas dalam Bahasa Inggris dan Artinya

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Contoh Spoof Text Abu Nawas dalam Bahasa Inggris dan Artinya – Tentu Anda pernah mendengar nama Abu Nawas. Ya, pemuda cerdik yang satu ini memang begitu terkenal. Ikuti salah satu kisahnya melalui artikel di bawah ini.

A Revenge for the King

Abu Nawas protested to the King because the prize that he promised was not given yet. Eventually he made a strategy in order to get the prize.

One night, Abu Nawas was invited by Harun Ar-Rayid King to accompany him to chat. In the middle of the conversation about the cold weather, the King asked Abu Nawas whether he would like to be naked on the roof that night. He said that it depended on the reward. So that, the king would give him 500 dirham if he did that. Abu Nawas accepted the challenge from the king. He immediately put off his clothes. After that, Abu Nawas went up to the roof and sat there. The cold weather pierce him all night long and he just went down at dawn.

He asked the king about the prize that the king promised to Abu Nawas. But, the King asked him back about what Abu Nawas saw all night long. Abu Nawas said that he didn’t see anything but a slight light from far away. Then, the King said that Abu Nawas didn’t deserve the prize because he was warmed by the slight light that night. Abu Nawas protested and asked his right. However, the king didn’t listen to him. Finally, he went home sadly.

Several days later, Abu Nawas invited the King to have dinner together at his home. Abu Nawas picked the King up at the palace. In the middle of the way, Abu nawas asked the king’s permission to go first because there were many things to do by him to welcome the king.

Abu Nawas had told his students to prepare the welcoming party. There were some students who made the tent and some of the students who made fire below the big tree. There were many pants that had been prepared to cook meat.


When the king came, Abu Nawas welcomed him and then accompanied him to chat. Abu Nawas told about many stories to make the King happy. After that the king looke like hungry because he held his stomach ans then asked Abu Nawas about the foods.

“Abu Nawas, where is the foods?” the king asked.

“please be patient my majesty, the fire heats the foods slowly whereas I had already made it since this morning.” Abu Nawas answered.

“What kind of fire that was! Let me see the kitchen.” The king said.

When he came in the kitchen, the kings wondered because there was nothing to cook whereas there was the fire to cook it.

“Where is the food, Abu Nawas?” the king wanted to know.

“There, the foods were above the tree, my majesty.” Abu Nawas appointed the tree.

“Yeah, exactly. How can the food be cooked if the distance between the food nd the fire was to far.” The king said it with wonder.

“That’s true, my Majesty. It is the same with what I faced last times. How can my body be warmed by the slight light from far away.” Abu Nawas explained.

The king laughed. He directly asked his servant to give Abu Nawas the prize twice bigger that he had ever promised before.

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