Contoh Soal Narrative Text Untuk SMP, SMA, dan Kunci Jawaban

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Contoh Soal Narrative Text Untuk SMP, SMA, dan Kunci Jawaban – Mau belajar narrative text? Anda bisa menggunakan berbagai jenis contoh soal narrative text berikut ini. 🙂

Choose the right answer!

1. What is the communicative function of narrative text?

a. To entertain the readers
b. To explain about something
c. To argue about something
d. To inform the reader
e. To instruct the reader

June came from a writer family. Both his parents work as a writer. His mother is a novelist, his father is a professor and his older brother is a journalist. During his lifetime June was intimidated by authors’ family epithet. He was faced with a situation that requires him to be able to write. In fact he could not write. When someone asked him to write, he refused and reasoned that his family talent in writing is up.

2. What kind of short paragraph above?

a. Recount paragraph
b. Narrative paragraph
c. Argumentative paragraph
d. Exposition Paragraph
e. Procedure paragraph

Text for number 3-6

Little Red Riding Hood

One day there was a little girl named little red riding hood. She was asked by her mother to deliver cake to her grandmother. When she was heading for his grandmother’s house, little riding hood met a wolf. “Where are you going, a little girl?” The wolf asked. “I’m willing to give this cake to my grandmother” replied little riding hood.

The wolf had an evil plan that he wanted to eat them both. Then he ran through a shortcut to her grandmother’s house. After arriving to grandmas’ house, he knocked on her door. When Grandma opened the door, the wolf caught her and locked her in a closet. The bad wolf then wore Grandma’s clothes and laid in bed, waiting for Little Red Riding Hood.

When little riding hood arrived, the wolf in disguise told her to come in. little riding hood did not realize that it was the wolf.  Then the wolf ate a little riding hood and her grandmother. After eating them, the wolf fell asleep beside the river. Suddenly, a woodcutter came; he saw a large wolf’s belly and knew what had been done by the wolf. Then he saved them by releasing them out from the belly of the wolf and filled the wolf’s stomach with a big stone. Then he threw the wolf into the river.

3. What is the story about?

a. A kind wolf who wants to help little riding hood
b. A little riding hood meet wolf
c. Grandma asked wolf to take little riding hood
d. A bad wolf who wants to eat little riding hood and grandma
e. None of the option is right

4. Why did little riding hood do not realize the wolf who in disguise as her grandma?

a. Because she was blind
b. Because she was daft
c. Because the wolf was kind
d. Because the wolf wore little riding hood’s clothes
e. Because the wolf wore grandma’s clothes

5. Who did save little riding hood and her grandma from the wolf?

a. The woodcutter
b. The stranger
c. The grandfather
d. The little riding hood’s mother
e. The little riding hood’s father

6. What is the moral value of the story?

a. Don’t be greedy
b. Don’t believe in stranger
c. Don’t use riding hood
d. Don’t go to Grandma’s house
e. Don’t sleep in the river


The text is for number 6-10

It was January 29/30, 1950, that day was the saddest day of Indonesia because one of Indonesia’s best sons was death. Even that day the sky also seemed sad by droving his tears to earth. Who is he? Why is said to be the best son?

Sudirman was born in a village in central Java on January 24, 1916. He was taken as a foster child by his mother’s brother, a retired district officer who resides in Cilacap. That’s where small Sudirman successfully completed primary school (formerly HIS = Holland Indies School). When he was in HIS, little Sudirman was known as a quiet kid. Not surprisingly, he was loved by his friends.

After his graduation, then he entered MULO in Cilacap. At that school he became beloved students of Mr. Tri Supeno so that he nationality education from Mr. Tirta a teacher graduated from Military Academy Breda.

7. What is the best tittle of the text?

a. Sudirman’s death
b. Sudirman’s born
c. Sudirman’s life
d. Sudirman’s Education
e. Sudirman’s Family

8. Where did he graduate from Elementary School?

a. HIS
c. Military Academy Breda
d. Cilacap
e. SIH

9. Which one of these statements is wrong?

a. Sudirman was born in a village in central Java on January 24, 1916
b. Little Sudirman was known as a quiet kid.
c. He became beloved students of Mr. Tri Supeno
d. He was loved by his friends
e. Sudirman death on January 27, 1950

10. Who is the one who teach him about nationality?

a. Mr. Supeno
b. Mr. Trisno
c. Mr. Tirta
d. Mr. Breda
e. No one

Kunci jawaban

1.    a
2.    b
3.    d
4.    e
5.    a
6.    b
7.    c
8.    a
9.    e
10.    c

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