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Contoh Report Text About Flood Terbaru – Kalian tentu masih ingat apa yang dimaksud dengan Report Text, bukan? Yup, Report Text merupakan salah satu jenis teks dalam Bahasa Inggris yang berfungsi untuk memberikan informasi mengenai sesuatu, baik benda, hewan, bangunan, peristiwa, atau hal lainnya berdasarkan hasil pengamatan secara umum. Berikut adalah contoh Report Text mengenai peristiwa banjir.

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Flooding is a natural phenomenon that is common in a region that is fed by many streams. Within the scope of comprehensive talks, flooding is a part of the hydrologic cycle, that is on the water on Earth’s surface is moving into the sea. In the hydrologic cycle it can be seen that the volume of water flowing on the surface of the Earth is predominantly determined by the rate of rainfall, and the rate of water infiltration into the soil.

Rainwater reached the Earth’s surface and flows on the surface of the Earth, moving towards the sea to form the ravines. Ravines have started in the area of the highest in a region, can be mountainous terrain, mountains or hills, and ended up on the beach when the water flows into the sea. Flooding can also occur in rivers, when flow exceeds the capacity of the drains, especially in the gutter of the river.

River flood can be caused by many factors. First, flood is caused by the duration. Deposition of rain or snow that is melt quickly exceed the capacity of the river channel. Caused by torrential monsoon rains, hurricanes and tropical depressions, outdoor wind and rain affect snow heat. Drainage unexpected obstacles such as landslides, ice, or debris can result in flooding slowly upstream obstacles. Second, river flood is caused by the speed. Its is included inundation from convective precipitation (large thunderstorms) or sudden release of upstream sediment that is formed behind the dam, landslide, or glacier. [sc:kodeadsense]

There are two types of impact of flood. The first is the primary impact. It is the physical damage. Flood can damage various types of structures, including bridges, cars, buildings, sewer systems, highways, and cannal. The second type of the secondary impact. It is water supplies that flood may contaminate the water. Clean drinking water is scarce. Next, flood causes disease. It is unsanitary conditions. The flood may spread water-borne diseases. Then, flood causes scarcity of agricultural produce that is caused by crop failures. However, lowlands near rivers depend on the stream sediment due to flooding in order to increase local soil minerals. Then, flood may cause the scarcity of species that can not afford to die because they can not breathe. After that, floodmay cause transportation link broken so that it is difficult to send emergency aid to people in need. While the long term of impact of flood is the economic difficulties. The flooding settlements cause damages; in the tourism sector, declining interest of tourists; the cost of rebuilding; food shortages leading to higher prices, etc.

However, floods also can bring many benefits, such as replenishing groundwater, nourish and provide nutrients to the soil. The flood waters provide enough water in the dry and semi-dry erratic rainfall throughout the year. The flood waters bargaining plays an important role in balancing the ecosystem in the river corridor and a major factor in balancing the diversity of living things on the plains. Flood adds a lot of nutrients to lakes and rivers which are increasingly promoting the fishing industry in the coming years. It is also because it matches the flood plains for breeding fish (little predation and nutrients).

Preventing and combating floods can not be done by government alone or individual persons only. It takes commitment and cooperation of various parties to avoid cities of the great flood. The actions that can be done including discard the water absorption holes, increase the green open space, and change public behavior that no longer makes the river as a giant trash bin. Elevating houses can indeed save our possessions when the flood happens. Human-induced floods, people also should be together to save the city.

Participation of all elements of society must be done in organized and coordinated ways in order to be implemented effectively. A community or organization should be established to take measures early and organize community participation in flood prevention. Flood prevention is done gradually, from flood prevention before handling during floods, and recovery after the flood. These stages are in a cycle of continuous activities for flood prevention. Flood prevention activities are followed a cycle (life cycle), which starts from the flood, and examine these as inputs for flood prevention before going back. Prevention is done thoroughly, in the form of physical activity, such as the construction of flood control in the basin until the flood plain areas and non-physical activities, such as management of land, use the flood early warning system.

Demikianlah contoh Report Text mengenai pristiwa banjir (flood). Semoga contoh teks tersebut dapat bermanfaat bagi kalian semua. Terima kasih.

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