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Contoh Proposal Skripsi Bahasa Inggris tentu akan sangat dibutuhkan bagi mahasiswa tingkat akhir yang berencana menulis skripsi. Didalam menyusun sebuah proposal skripsi juga ada banyak hal yang harus diperhatikan. Biasanya sebuah proposal skripsi bahasa inggris berisikan background ata latar belakang masalah yang akan dibahas dalam skripsi tersebut. Selanjutnya dijelaskan mengenai sampel yang akan dilibatkan dalam penelitian. Di dalam proposal skripsi juga dijelaskan mengenai objective atau tujuan utama dari pembuatan skripsi tersebut. Di bawah ini saya berikan sebuah contoh proposal skripsi bahasa inggris, namun yang saya berikan disini hanyalah bab introduction saja. Bagi yang ingin mendapatkan versi full dari contoh proposal ini silahkan menghubungi saya melalui kolom komentar di bawah. Inilah salah satu contoh proposal skripsi bahasa inggris dalam bahasa inggris tentang pengajaran speaking di sekolah.

Contoh Proposal Skripsi Bahasa Inggris dalam Bahasa Inggris Tentang Speaking


The points will be explained in this chapter are background of the problem which will explore the root of the problem and the reason why it was happened, identification of the problem, limitation, research questions, research objective, the use of the research, research scope, and definition of term. The points explained as follow:

1.1  Background of the Problem

Since English has been the gateway in globalization era, people are forced to have to be able to use English. “English spread around the world Since British trade followed by colonial and imperial expansion then the military and economic dominance of the United States of America has confirmed English as the international language of present historical period. As a consequence, English serves for many times many more people as a barrier between themselves and those some fields of interest, many people in their own countries will not be able To become doctors, for example if they cannot learn enough English” (Edge, 1993). In Indonesia, English has been a main subject for students in the school level. From elementary until senior high school students learn English as a must in their lessons list.

We know that the main function of language is as a means of communication. Related to that statement we have to know that English can be divided into two types based on the process, active skills (speaking and writing) and passive skills (reading and listening). From the division and the function of language we can say that speaking and writing (active skills) is more important than reading and listening (passive skills) in order to fulfill the function of the language itself. Ironically This fact is different from what happen in Indonesia. In Indonesia, students are only get the passive skills from their teacher while the active skills they get is only writing so students in Indonesia can understand the English but they cannot use English as a language.

In order to make students able to use English as a language and use it properly based on the function, active skill (speaking) is needed to be taught. In teaching speaking we can use various fun and effective methods and techniques to attract students’ interest. One of the methods can be used known as role play. Many researchers’ findings say that role play is an effective method in teaching speaking.

Students in Indonesia are used to be in passive condition. This condition is the same as what the writer has been experienced in SMA Muhammadiyah 1 Way Jepara when he was in Field Practice Program (PPL). So it is important to guide them and show them how to use the language in some condition or situation. Through role play we can give the student a view about the condition they will have in the society. We can say that role play can provide the students a setting or maybe some so they can see through it and learn how the language should be used. It  seen from can be seen from the definition of role play. Ladousse (1995) illustrated that when students assume a “Role”, they play a part (either their own or somebody else’s) in specific situation. “Play” means that is taken on in a safe environment in which students are as an inventive and playful as possible. Role play can be used to encourage general oral fluency or to train students for specific situation, especially when they are studying for specific purpose. Role play is important in teaching speaking because in role play students can explore their speaking by using roles as in the society. They can use their imagination as if they are in the real condition of the environment. Somehow, in role play students can learn to use English in enjoyable way. As we know that people can think clearer and easier if they are in a good condition and good mood. Using role play gives the student more freedom to explore their English in their own way.

1.2  Identification of the Problem

There are some problems usually found in speaking teaching learning process. There are many factors can affect the problems emergence. Problems that usually found are students get difficulties in expression in speaking such as:

1. Fluency and pronunciation, students used to be taught in passive condition
2. Students cannot explore their English creatively
3. Students motivation is low in developing their active skill in learning English
4. The use of inappropriate teaching method [sc:kodeadsense]

1.3  Limitation of the Problems

In doing this research, the capability of the researcher makes him realize to restrict the problem. Students used to be taught in passive condition is the problem which the researcher focused in. The teaching in active condition to explore and to develop students’ skills in speaking will be the focus in this research.

1.4 Research Questions

Based on the background above, the research question/s of this research is formulated as follows:

1.Is there any difference in students’ speaking ability before and after being taught using role play?
2.What aspect of speaking is increased more by using role play in speaking class?

1.5 Objectives of the Research

The objectives of this research are:

1.To see whether using role play as a method in teaching speaking has effects that improve students’ speaking ability or not in improving students’ speaking ability
2.To see in what aspect of speaking role play contributes more in improving students’ speaking ability.

1.6 The Uses of the Research

This study has some uses as follows:


The result of the research used to confirm the previous theory about using role play in improving students speaking ability.


-The result of the research used as a tool that help English teacher or English students in order to learn English in effective and proper way.
-The result of the research will be used as an information for the reader about the eminences of role  play in improving students speaking ability

1.7  Scope of the Research

This research was held to find out and solve the problem of the students’ lack of speaking ability. This research conducted in the level of junior/senior high school. The research focused on the progress of the students’ speaking skills (pronunciation, fluency, grammar, vocabulary, comprehensibility). Role play is used as the teaching technique. The kind of role play that was used is unscripted role play. In teaching speaking in the class, researcher used interpersonal dialogue. Researcher chose second grade of MAN 01 (Model) Bandar Lampung as the population sample. The condition of the role play was given by the teacher using role card made by the researcher.

1.8  Definition of Terms

Some definitions of term use in this research are stated as follows:

1.Speaking is a process of building and sharing meaning through the use of verbal and non-verbal symbols, in a variety of contexts
2.Role Play is an instructional technique involving a spontaneous portrayal (acting out) of a situation, condition, or circumstances by selected members of a learning group.
3.Interpersonal Dialogue is the oral language involves two or more speaker in it which is functioned to promote social relationship.
4.Unscripted Role Play is a kind of Role Play Teaching Technique in which in unscripted role play text or note is not used because students use improvisation based on the situation given.

Itulah Contoh Proposal Skripsi Bahasa Inggris yang bisa anda jadikan referensi dalam menyusun sebuah proposal skripsi dengan menggunakan bahasa inggris.

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