Contoh Procedure Text How to Make Ice Cream

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Contoh Procedure Text How to Make Ice Cream – Bagaimana jika resep Ice Cream ditulis menggunakan bahasa Inggris? Simak contoh-contoh berikut ini.

Contoh 1

How to Make Ice Cream


• 4 cans of milk
• 2 cans of sweet milk
• 2 tablespoons of corn flour
• 2 tablespoons of sugar
• 2 white of egg
• A teaspoon of vanilla extract


1. Firstly, mix milk and water. Then, boil it.
2. After that, melt the corn flour and the boiled milk.
3. Next, stir it and turn off the stove.
4. Then, add sugar, the white of the egg and stir it until the colour turn into white.
5. After that, boil them. Stir the until it becomes smooth. Turn off the stove and let its temperature decrease.
6. Finally, put it in the freezer. If it already becomes ice, serve it with toppings that you like.

Contoh 2

How to Make Chocolate Ice Cream


• 600 ml of liquid whipped cream dairy
• 300 ml of full cream milk
• 250 grams of dark cooking chocolate
• 175 grams of sugar
• 30 grams of chocolate powder
• 6 yolks kuning telur
• 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla essences



1. First, heat the milk and vanilla essences in a pan, and then take 50 ml of the heated milk and wix it with the chocolate powder. Stir it.
2. Second, pour it to the milk that is being heated. Stir it until it is boiled.
3. Third, beat the yolks and sugar by high speed mixer for three minutes until the dough is thick and the colour is pale.
4. Fourth, pour the heated milk and chocolate into the dough of the yolk and sugar. Stir it and put it on the pan. Heat it for 3 or 4 minutes until the dough is thick.
5. Fifth, cook the whipped cream, and then add dark cooking chocolate. Stir it and turn off the stove.
6. Sixth, pour milk-egg into cream-chocolate. Stir it and let its temperature decreases.
7. Seventh, put it in the freezer for three hours, and take it out. Beat it by using mixer for five mminutes to make it smooth. Do this step three times.
8. Finally, put it in the freezer again and wait for the ice cream

Contoh 3

How to Make Fried Ice Cream


• 50 grams of flour
• 50 grams of bread flour
• 12 sliced bread
• a scoop of vanilla ice cream
• an egg
• Strawberry sauce or chocolate sauce for the topping


1. First, take slice of the bread, then put the ice cream on it. Cover it a slice of bread again, and then make it into round shape.
2. Second, dip it on the flour
3. Third, beat the egg, dip the bread and the ice cream into it.
4. Fourth, dip it again on the flour
5. Fifth, keep it in the freezer and wait until the ice cream is frozen.
6. Sixth, heat the oil on the pan and fry the bread with ice cream.
7. Seventh, when it is already fried, slice the fried ice cream. Add some strawberry sauce or chocolate sauce for the topping
8. Finally, the fried ice cream is ready to serve.

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