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Contoh Pidato Bahasa Inggris Tentang Guru – Guru adalah seseorang yang sangat berjasa bagi kita semua dalam mengenyam pendidikan. Tanpa adanya seorang guru, mungkin banyak orang yang tidak akan mendapatkan hal yang berguna, seperti ilmu dan affection from a teacher. have you ever made a speech related to mother? Beikut kami sajikan pidato Bahasa Inggris mengenai seorang guru.

Assalamualaikum Wr. Wb.
Good morning

To the honorable the principal of SMPN 23 Senja Permai, Mr. Abraham Salahduin, M.H
The honorable the vice principal, Mr. Aji Masyanto, M, pd
The honorable all of the teachers
And the beloved audience,

Alhamduliilah, let us praise and gratitude to our God Almighty, Allah SWT for the grace and guidance of Him that we all can come together in this happy day in the commemoration of the national teachers who falls on this day. Do not forget to convey blessings and greetings to the great Prophet Muhammad SAW and his entire family, friends and loyal followers. May we all be reunited in heaven someday Aminnn.

Today, in this occasion, I would like to deliver a speech in the commemoration of the national teachers as our gratitude to teachers for all of the services that they provide.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Before starting this speech, I will sing a song for all of the teachers here.

Terpujilah wahai engkau ibu bapak guru
Namamu akan selalu hidup dalam sanubariku
Semua baktimu akan kuukir di dalam hatiku
Sebagai prasasti terima kasihku
Tuk pengabdianmu

Engkau sabagai pelita dalam kegelapan
Engkau laksana embun penyejuk dalam kehausan
Engkau patriot pahlawan bangsa
Tanpa tanda jasa

The motto of the teachers as the unsung heroes is still very relevant until today. They have been educating the children of this nation to become the potential successors. President, government officials, local officials, and many more, are all products that are produced by the teachers. Without the teachers who educate us, there will be no one educated in this world.

We certainly can not deny that the presence of a great man must be because of a great teacher behind her. There will not be a great president without the presence of a teacher. There would not be a good doctor without the teacher’s attendance as well. There, of course, will not be a great teacher without the existing of a great teacher behind him. It is because to be a great man, we need to be smart. To be smart means that we need to go to school, and when we are in the school, then, we need a teacher to teach us to be someone better. So indeed, the teacher is the most important aspect in enhancing one’s civilization in the narrow sense and the nation in a broader sense.


Teacher is one of a very noble profession on earth. Although only the title of Unsung Hero that they have, the will not give up to give the students much knowledge so that they will become successors of this nation and become a man of pride for the country and nation. They have been delivered and opened our horizons towards this immense world. They, too, who have taught us to read, write and count. Therefore, without teachers we may not be able to achieve success.

Despite their proteges the government would later forget them. Even though the government is no longer paying attention to their fate, the teachers will continue to actively carry out their duties which is so precious to shape the nation’s future leaders. They will not get tired to teach until their old age approaches them.

Therefore, it is good for us to reward our teachers and gratitude them who have taken the trouble to teach us much knowledge, given advices and motivations to build our spirit to study, and being the guidances and role models that shape our personality in order to be educated men and women.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Later we will grow up to be a successful human being. However, we do not ever forget our teachers and what they have given to us all. Let us prove to them that what they have done and give us is a way to excel and achieve our dreams. A teacher’s true happiness is not a gift or any material, but they will be very happy to see their students become successful and be able to be useful for others.

Before I end this speech, I again convey that the teacher is a person who is very essential in our lives. Therefore, let us express a huge gratitude for all of our teachers.

Thank you teachers for everything that you have provided to us.

Thanks for your time, patience, knowledge and persistence that you have given to us.

We realize that we can not reply to all of your services. Prayer is typically the only wish we could give to you. We pray that you are given the patience and health by God in order to remain able to perform tasks such clarity.

I think that is all the speech that I can convey. Hopefully in this national day, all of the teachers will always be great. Thank you for your attention and participation in this seminar.
Wassalamualaikum Wr. Wb.

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