Contoh Percakapan Bahasa Inggris dengan Teman Lama

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Contoh Percakapan Bahasa Inggris dengan Teman Lama – Pernahkah bertemu dengan teman lama Anda, kemudian bercakap-cakap? Jika ya, maka hal itu sama dengan kejadian berikut ini.

Rohim             : Are you Bambang?

Bambang        : Yes I am Bambang. If I am not mistaken, are you Rohim right? How are you friend?

Rohim             : I am fine. That is right Bambang. Long time no see. Where have you been? Bambang?

Bambang        : I have been drive my son. How about you? Are your children study here?

Rohim             : Yes. I also have drive my son. By the way, where do you work now?

Bambang        : I work in Religion department. How about you?

Rohim                         : I work at insurance company. I have worked as a civil servant in immigration department, but I am not comfort because the job is very bored. You can imagine that I just sat and operated the computer everyday. So I decided to resign from that job.

Bambang        : That is the brave decision. I really appreciate with that. Actually work is about passion. So if the job is not about your passion, you will not enjoy your job.


Rohim             : That is true friend. That is my mistake, the first time that I know, working as a civil servant is a comfort zone for me. But the fact is not like I think before. How about you? Do you enjoy your job?

Bambang        : I really enjoy it. My dream is to be a civil servant in religion department. Besides my background is from religion major, I also want to be a director of religion department. So I have to start my carrier as a civil servant in religion department. What the things which make you enjoy your today’s job?

Rohim             : Basically, I really like communicate, going to every place and meeting with many people. In insurance company, there is a fast promotion program. So if I can guide many people to join my insurance, I will be given big bonus and promoted to the insurance manager. Those factors make me comfort with my job. By the way, I have an idea, how about making little reunion with our university’s friend?

Bambang        : Yes I hope you will be success in your carrier. Ohya, that is a brilliant idea. Do you still have our friend’s phone number?

Rohim             : I have some of them. Like Rika, Rahman, Tulus, Bary, and Tono. I will call them. How about you? Do you have our other friend’s phone number?

Bambang        : I also have some. I have phone number of Gina, Pandu, Rahma, Tiara, Agus, and Ruri. I will inform them and we have to ask them who have our other friend’s phone number.

Rohim             : Great, in your opinion when can we conduct the reunion?

Bambang        : I think next week is a good choice because holiday start from Friday until Sunday. I am ready if my house became our reunion place.

Rohim             : Okay, today we have to start calling them. Don’t forget to inform that the reunion will be held next week. I think I have to go to my office now. See you next week and keep in touch Bambang.

Bambang        : Sure Rohim. See you next time.

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