Contoh Percakapan Bahasa Inggris Antara Dua Teman Lama

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Contoh Percakapan Bahasa Inggris Antara Dua Teman Lama – Bersama dua orang teman lama, kita sering mendapatkan talk yang cukup menarik. Saling bertanya mengenai aktivitas masa kecil, membicarakan aktivitas saat ini, dan merencanakan untuk bertemu dengan teman-teman yang lain. Yuk kita simak contohnya.

Dika : Hello Good morning Cindy? Do you still remember me?
Cindy : Yes hello, who is this?
Dika : I am Dika your senior high school friend.
Cindy : Dika !!. How are you? long time no see.
Dika : I am just doing fine Cindy. Where are you now?
Cindy : I am in Malaysia, just spending my holiday with my family. How about you?
Dika : I am in Canada. After I graduated from senior high school I continue my study in University of Canada. Where do you study now Cindy?
Cindy : Oh that is so cool. I study in University of Indonesia. Actually, I get a scholarship in US, but I did not take it because I did not get permission from my parents. How’s your study there? Do you enjoy that?

Dika : I really enjoy study here. Besides there are so many Indonesian people who study here, the lecturer is very professional. If we still don’t understand about the subject, they will give us the time to discuss it again out of the class time. And the most important thing that makes me enjoy study here is the campus is near the sea and mountain. We can see very wonderful view from the class windows. That is very interesting.
Cindy : Wow, I become curious to go there after you tell your experience. Beside study, What activities that you have there Dika?
Dika : I go to campus every day. There are so many activities like winter scrabble competition, winter cooking competition, and winter ski competition. This is just for the students from Indonesia. Because Indonesia embassy which conduct the competition.
Cindy : That is very interesting. Which one do you want to join Dika?
Dika : I only join winter cooking competition. Actually a really love cooking. Wish me luck for the competition Cindy. How about you, do you enjoy your study in University of Indonesia?
Cindy : Yes I hope you will be the first winner in that competition. I really enjoy my study in University of Indonesia. The lecturer is professional and friendly. The subject is also interesting. Because I study at Cultural Faculty, I learn many culture from Sabang until Marauke. I have many friends here, I am so happy because all of my friends are coming from many provinces in Indonesia. We talk about our culture, language, and tradition.
Dika : Your story makes me miss Indonesia. I miss my family and friend in Indonesia. What is the most interesting news in Indonesia?
Cindy : Just coming if you have time to go to Indonesia. Today Batu Akik become the most favorite thing in Indonesia.
Dika : Yes I ever see that news in the internet. But I am curious how the real atmosphere is.
Cindy : Because of the Phenomenon of Batu akik . Every seller changes their business to be a Batu Akik seller. So this is not amaze that you can find Batu akik seller everywhere. This phenomenon also helps Indonesian economy.
Dika : That is so great. Because of that phenomenon there are so many poor people can improve their economy. Cindy, I have to go to campus now. I will call you again after my class. Okay?
Cindy : Okay Dika. Thank you for the nice discussion. Bye!!

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