Contoh Percakapan Bahasa Inggris Antara 2 Orang di Pasar Tradisional

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Contoh Percakapan Bahasa Inggris Antara 2 Orang di Pasar Tradisional – Setelah sebelumnya saya memberikan materi mengenai percakapan bahasa Inggris mengenai bisnis, kali ini ada sebuah percakapan bahasa Inggris mengenai dua orang sahabat di pasar tradisional. Singkatnya, mereka sedang berbelanja bahan-bahan makanan yang akan di masak. ūüôā

Ratih      : Good morning Meri. I think it is nice for us to cook something for our lunch.

Meri      : Good morning Ratih. What food do you want to cook Ratih?

Ratih      : I do really want to cook sayur asem. What do you think about that Meri?

Meri      : That is a good idea. Do you have all the ingredients?

Ratih      : Let me check it. Mmm, some of the ingredients are available. But I need some others like corn, peanut, garlic, ginger, and soy bean. I think I have to go to vegetable market.

Meri      : Ok Ratih. I will wait here.

Ratih     : (At Vegetable Market). Good morning miss, I want to buy corn, peanut and garlic. Are there available here?

Market : Let me find first miss. You can sit here for waiting.

Ratih      : Okay thank you sir.

Market : Excuse me miss, I only have corn and peanut. The garlic was sold out. May be you can find in another place. By the way, how many corn and peanut do you want?

Ratih      : I want 1 kg peanut and half kg of corn. How much does it cost sir?

Seller     : 1 kg peanut and half kg of corn are Rp 20.000.

Ratih      : Ok, this is Rp 20.000 for you miss.

Seller 1 : Thank you very much. You can find garlic ginger and soy bean in other place in this market.


Ratih      : How can I go there miss?

Seller 1 : You go forward from here and turn left.

Ratih      : Okay thank you very much for the information.

Seller 1 : You are welcome.

Ratih      : Good morning miss. Is there any garlic here?

Seller 2 : Oh sure miss. How much do you need?

Ratih      : I need 3 kg of garlic. How much does it cost?

Seller2  : The price of garlic here is Rp 10.000 per kilos. So if you need 3 kilos you have to pay Rp 30.000.

Ratih      : Here Rp 30.000 for you sir. How about ginger and soy bean? Do you have some?

Seller2  : How many of those do you need miss?

Ratih      : I need 1 kilos ginger and 1 kilos soy bean. May I know the price sir?

Seller2  : The price of ginger is Rp 5.000 per kilos and the price of soy bean is Rp 7.000 per kilos. You  have to pay Rp. 12.000 for your order.

Ratih      : Yes sir this is Rp. 12.000 for you sir.

Seller2  : Thank you very much miss. By the way may I know what food do you want to cook miss?

Ratih      : I want to cook sayur asem. Any idea for additional ingredients sir?

Seller 2 : What ingredients do you already have?

Ratih      : I already have garlic, corn, soy bean, ginger, and peanut.

Seller 2    : Hmmm I think you have to add cabbage. The price of one cabbage here is Rp 5.000 . How many do you want to have?

Ratih         : Oh yes, I really forget to buy it. I only want to have one sir. This is Rp 5.000 for sir and Thank you for reminding sir.

Seller     : You are welcome. Have a nice cooking miss.

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