Contoh Percakapan Bahasa Inggris 2 Orang Tentang Bisnis

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Contoh Percakapan Bahasa Inggris 2 Orang Tentang Bisnis – Materi percakapan bahasa Inggris berikut ini, dibuat berdasarkan topik bisnis dimana dua orang sahabat sedang membicarakan bagaimana agar bisnis mereka bisa bekerja sama dengan baik.

Rama     : Hey giring how are you today? Long time see.

Giring    : Hey Rama, yeah I am so fine. How about you?

Rama    : I am so fine too. I remember the last time we met was when our senior high school graduation day. Do you still remember that?

Giring    : Oh sure Rama, I still remember that moment. By the way, where do you work today?

Rama    : I ever worked in Expedition company but I was not comfort with that job and the atmosphere in the office and it made me deciding to resign from that company. After I resigned, I built my own property company in Lampung. How about you, Giring? Where do you work today?

Giring    : My story is not far different from yours. I ever worked at Insurance company in Papua. I was not comfort by working there because the distance was too far from Lampung. I had to have a long holiday if I wanted to go back to Lampung. The life cost was very high, it was not suitable with my salary. So I decided to resign and built a material store in Lampung

Rama    : Wow, this is good. There is relationship between our business. I will build five houses but I haven’t found the material store that I want. Because almost all of the material store that I have visited cannot give the right price that I want. How about making cooperation between our business? I will buy all of the material from you store. But you have to give me a compatible price. If the house has sold, I will give you bonus per house. Any idea, Giring?


Giring    : I think that is a good idea. But I want you must buy the material from my store in the next project. By the way how much that I will get when all of house sold?

Rama    : Hmmm about bonus, you will get 15% per house. When the material can send to my project area?

Giring    : Let me know first what the material you want to have after that my driver will send those to your project area.

Rama    : Okay Giring, I need 1000 sack of cement, 2000 sack of sand, 500 irons, 1000 boxes of ceramics. How much does it cost ?

Giring    : This is the price of each material, 1 sack of semen is Rp 50.000, 1 sack of sand Rp 30.000, 1 iron Rp 10.000 and 1 box of ceramic Rp 40. 000. If I calculate your order 1000 sack cement, 2000 sack sand, 500 irons and 1000 box of ceramics. The total is Rp 155. 000.000. I will give you the discount of 5% . So have to pay Rp 147.250.000.

Rama    : Okay Giring. May I have receipt? I will transfer to your bank account.

Giring    : Yes sure Rama, this is the bill. You can transfer the money this afternoon. I already write my bank account number behind the bill.

Rama    : Okay just waiting for that. Thank you very much. I feel happy by having business with you. See you next time Giring.

Giring    : Okay Rama you’re welcome.

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