Contoh Percakapan Bahasa Inggris 2 Orang di Kereta

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Contoh Percakapan Bahasa Inggris 2 Orang di Kereta – Kereta merupakan salah satu alat transportasi, yang membuat kita bertemu dengan banyak orang baru. kemudian mengobrol. Seperti pada percakapan bahasa Inggris berikut.

Farah    : Good morning miss, may I ask something?

Felin      : Oh sure. What do you want to ask?

Farah    : Excuse me miss, my name is Farah. I want to know how I can go to Rawasari Station. Could you give me some information about that?

Felin      : Oh yes I am Felin. Have you bought the ticket?

Farah     : I have not bought it miss, This is my first experience travelling by train. So I still confuse.

                What should I do miss?

Felin      : Okay, now you go to the counter. You buy the ticket to Bogor. Just go forward from here and turn right. I will wait you here.

Farah     : Okay I will do it.

At The Ticket Counter

Farah                     : Good Morning Sir. I want to buy a ticket to Bogor.

Ticket Official     : Would you like a round trip ticket or a one way ticket?

Farah                     : I don’t know when I will be coming back, so I want one way ticket please sir.

Ticket Official     : When do you want to travel?

Farah                     : I would like to leave this afternoon sir.

Ticket Official     : Ok Rp 50.000 for the ticket to Bogor.

Farah                     : Yes, this is Rp 50.000 for you sir.

Ticket Official     : Ok thank you. You can see the departure time and the number of your seat in the ticket. Any other help miss?

Farah                    : No, thank you sir.


Farah                    : Miss Felin I have buy a ticket to Bogor. So what should I do now?

Felin                      : We will go to Bogor together. I will go to Bogor too but I get off at the Ciomas Station. How about you?

Farah                    : I will get off at Rawasari Station. Is this station located after Ciomas Station?

Felin                      : No, Rawasari Station is located before Ciomas. So you will get off first. The train has been coming. Let’s go there.

Farah                    : Okay Miss.

In the Train


Felin                      : Where do you go Farah? Is there any activity in Bogor?

Farah                    : Yes Miss Fellin, there is a teaching project in Bogor. How about you miss?

Felin                      : I just want to go home. I live in Bogor but I work in Jakarta. So I always go to my office and back to my home by this transportation. What subject do you teach Farah and in what school do you teach?

Farah                    : I am an English teacher, I teach at SMAN 8 Kuningan Jakarta. By the way how much time will we spend in this travel miss?

Felin                      : We will spend one hour in this travel. We will through Five stations. Your destination is the fourth station.

Farah                    : I think travel by train is more comfort than the previous time. The quality of the train is good. The facility and the service are also perfect.

Felin                      : Yes after the director of PT KAI is lead by Jonan Nasution, Train become the most favourite public transportation that people use. I think you have to prepare to get off because this train in several minutes will arrived at Rawasari Station.

Farah                    : Okay miss. Thank you for your help. This is my personal card, there are my phone number and my email. You can use that if someday we have time to travel together. Good afternoon miss. See you next time.

Felin                      : Ok you are welcome. See you next time Farah.

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