Contoh Narrative Text Bahasa Inggris Pendek Mengenai Legenda Kerajaan

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Contoh Narrative Text Bahasa Inggris Pendek Mengenai Legenda Kerajaan – Ada sebuah cerita yang menarik dan disajikan menggunakan bahasa Inggris mengenai legena seorang wanita bersama pangeran dan sepasang sepatu kaca yang ia miliki. Silakan baca cerita berikut ini.

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In a far away kingdom, there lived a beautiful girl named Cinderella. She was a beautiful like a princess. Nevertheless, her life was full of misery because she lived with her stepmother and her two stepsisters who were cruel to her. Her step sisters were so lazy. They were just beautifying themselves and eating all day long, while Cinderella had to do house work such as gathering firewood, weeding, and cutting down trees and so on. Cinderella was very diligent girl. She worked every day. She had to provide food for her stepsisters and stepmother; however she remained be patient and kind to them.

One day, there came an invitation from the kingdom that there would be a dance party tonight at the royal palace. All the people, especially the young girls were welcomed to come to the palace. Every girl in the kingdom was so happy because they knew that the prince would be looking for princess. Cinderella’s stepmother was shocked. She immediately prepared to make up her daughter to go to the dance tonight so that the prince would choose them as princess for the prince.

Cinderella also heard the invitation. She wanted to go to the palace and followed the party. Nevertheless, she was not allowed by her stepmother and her children. They asked Cinderella to do all the housework tonight. Finally the night arrived; every girl from all over the empire came to the palace to join the party. Cinderella could only grieve and lament his fate because she could not come to the palace. While she was cleaning her house, suddenly a fairy appeared in front of her. The fairy felt sorry to what has Cinderella suffered. At last she helped Cinderella with her power to change her into a beautiful princess with a beautiful gown. She also was turning a pumpkin and some mice into a horse and carriage along his charioteer. Cinderella was happy that she could attend the party. However, the fairy told Cinderella that she must return before 12 o’clock at night or all the wonders that provided by the fairy would disappear. [sc:kodeadsense]

When the party was held, suddenly there arrived a luxurious carriage in front of the palace; all eyes stared at the princess who got out from the luxurious carriage. The Prince was amazed at the beauty of the princess. The prince came closer to Cinderella and asked “Who is this princess? And where did she come from?” Cinderella replied “may I join this party?” “Of course”, replied the prince.  After that, the prince and Cinderella were dancing together. They looked so happy and had conversation warmly but suddenly the big clock in the palace sounded 12 times. That was a sign for 12 am. “Oh I am sorry my prince, I have to go home now”, Cinderella ran toward his golden carriage. The prince was confused he didn’t even know her name. He was surprised and tried to catch Cinderella. Nevertheless, he was too late. He just found the glassed shoes worn by Cinderella which is left in the palace.

The next day, the prince announced to the whole kingdom that he was looking for a girl who left his glassed shoes in the palace. He wanted to make that girl became his princess. Then he searched throughout the kingdom, in order to find out the girl who fit to wear this glassed shoes. One by one, he visited the entire house in his kingdom but none of the girl match and fit to wear that shoe. Finally, he arrived at Cinderella’s home. Her stepsisters tried to wear that shoe but they failed. One of them was too small while the other was too big. The prince was desperate; suddenly Cinderella appeared from the living room, carrying firewood in her shoulder “Hey, who are you?” asked the prince to Cinderella. “I … I ..”, Cinderella could not answer because she was afraid of her stepmother. “She’s just a maid here”. Stepmother said to the prince to prevent him approached Cinderella but Prince forced Cinderella to wear the glass shoes. Finally she wore that glassed shoes and fitted to her foot. The prince was so happy to find the girl was Cinderella. Her stepmother and stepsisters envied and confused. Finally the prince brought Cinderella to the palace. She became his princess and lived happily in the kingdom.

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