Contoh Kumpulan Puisi Bahasa Inggris Romantis Terbaru

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Contoh Kumpulan Puisi Bahasa Inggris Romantis Terbaru – Puisi merupakan salah satu “alat” yang bisa digunakan untuk mengekspresikan sesuatu. Adanya puisi membuat apa yang ingin kita katakan menjadi lebih indah. Puisi bisa mengekspresikan berbagai macam tema, mulai dari percintaan, kemanusiaan, hingga tema lingkungan. Puisi tidak hanya kita kenal melalui bahasa kita, bahasa Indonesia, namun puisi pada dasarnya bisa menjelma menjadi berbagai bahasa seperti yang ada pada puisi bahasa Inggris berikut ini.

Table of Contents

The songs are disappearing

I awoke in the morning
Mother was preparing breakfast on the table
Father had already left for work
I was alone and shout loudly
Hello..hello… hello..
“wahat are you doing” my mother said
Hello.. hello.. hello.. continuously
Aunt Jessie getting unconfortable to hear my voice
Hey you stop it
Dont shout out loud
You will wake my baby up
I just replied her with smile
What I did is nosense
None of them answered me
No one bother me
The birds that always sing
Gathered as a music group
Was not seen again in my quiet morning
By: Abdul Haris Adnan

The trail of broken heart

Trough the sun and winter rain will fall
All our live we are were waiting for
A sing to call
We are walking hand in hand
In a dream of endless time
Stare at live trough eyes of mine
The hate the fear and the pain
There’s a feelinh held deep inside
When life you life in the pain
Fly away down in lonely road of yesterday
We close our eyes to see the light
All alone we will be where the time never heal
Whit the trail of broken heart
We set all and fliying free
By: Abdul Haris Adnan

The one that we love

The simple things you do
It’s the simple things
But not just the simple things
It’s the complicated things too
The simple morning cup of coffee
And listening to my favorite band
The simple act of holding my hand
The complicated act of listening to me
You make it simple to love you
As simple as you can be
The completed act of loving me
You make the complicated act simple too
One things that’s not that complicated
Because we had already dedicated
As a matter of fact it’s simple
Only to the one that we love
By: Abdul Haris Adnan
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