Contoh Karangan Cita-Citaku dalam Bahasa Inggris

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Contoh Karangan Cita-Citaku dalam Bahasa Inggris – Karangan Bahasa Inggris berikut ini, merupakan karangan yang berisi tentang lika liku cita-cita seseorang. Semoga bermanfaat.

Did you ever change your aspiration or future goals several times when you were kids? If that question is sent to me and then I will answer “Yes, I did.” When I was a kid, aspiration was only about the job or occupation that I will take when I finish my study or about major that I will take in the university. I never thought before that future goals or aspiration was not only about them. Now, by the time I grow up, I have known that it means bigger and broader than major or occupation. It can mean your dream, too. It can mean your obsession and ambition in filling the life we live. It can be more than one thing. It can be many things as much as we believe we can make it happen. Sometimes, it comes through inspiration, but sometimes it is built through time and process.

When I was a child, I dreamt to be a doctor, model, and singer at once. I felt inspired by a certain public figure on TV who did those things and she was very talented in her field. When I was in junior high school, I changed my mind. I thought that being accountant was better and I believed that I could realize it easily because I thought I have a talent in doing that job. I kept that ambition and dream until I went to senior high school. I followed some accounting competitions and I won. I had planned that I would take accounting major when I finished my senior high school. However, I couldn’t make it. The reason was not about myself. It was about my parents who wanted me to be a teacher.


It felt hard to make a decision in the beginning. I thought about it for several days before I was sure that I took the right one. Finally, I thought that it was better to follow my parents suggestion than my own ambition and it was a good thing to make my parents happy. I went to English Department in a state university. I studied there for 4 years. During my study, I was also active in an English language organization and trying to start teaching. That was my first experience in teaching English. I felt so much grateful because I learnt many things about teaching Engish and at once I made money. My parents supported my activities very well.

Until I stand on this point now, I realize that I have new ambition and dream in my life after I went through those life moments and time. I want to the best English teacher as best as I can give and do for the students, school, parents, government, and this nation. I want to be the agent of change by being an English teacher who can fulfill my students’ need and accomodate them to have the skills, not only in English but also give them lesson to make them survive living in this tough world. I want to build a family and become the educator of my children, the cheerleader of my husband, and good daughter for my parents.

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