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Contoh Explanation Text About Earthquake Terbaru – Di bawah ini, ada sebuah contoh explanation text atau teks mengenai penjelasan suatu hal.

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The earthquake is the tremor or shocks occurring in the earth as a result of a sudden release of energy that creates a seismic wave. Earthquake is usually caused by the movement of the earth crust. The frequency is an area based on the type and size of an earthquake which naturally occurs during a period of time. The quake is measured by means of a seismograph.

The process how earthquake occurs can be seen from the main cause of the earthquake. There were three kinds of earthquakes and it can be distinguished from the point of view of the occurrence.

First is volcanic earthquake. Like its name, the volcanic earthquake is an event of an earthquake which occurs due to a volcanic eruption. This earthquake can occur before and while the presence of volcanic eruptions and the seismic vibration is very felt by humans and animals around the located volcano. According to the research, volcanic earthquake occurs just 7% of all earthquakes that have occurred in the surface of the Earth. The examples of volcanic earthquakes are earthquake on Mount Merapi in Central Java, earthquake on Mount Una-Una Tomini in Central Sulawesi, and earthquake on Mount Pericutin.


Second is tectonic earthquake. As we know that the skin of the earth consists of the layers of rocks. Each layer has the hardness and different density one to another. The layers of the skin of the earth consists tectonic plates that shift each other as a result of the flow of convection that occurs in the earth. Day by day, this shift gives rise to the collection of stress energy that at any time can be released. The shift of plate consists of three types, horizontal shifts that are resulted horizontal fault, puncture shifts that is one of the infiltrating plate into other plates, thus it creates the valley or hollows of the earth and a shift in the collision between plates that will create a mountain or new hill. The release of energy in this shifting the slab is called tectonic earthquake.

Third is falling-out earthquake. As we know that the earth is one of the planets in the solar system. Every day the earth receives lacing meteor or other sky objects. But, when it receives a meteor or other big sky objects, the earth will shake. Shaking of the earth surface is caused by the fall of a sky object that is called fallout earthquake.

From those types of earthquake, fallout earthquake rarely occurs on the earth, so experts often neglect to include it into the type of earthquake in many reviews. On the contrary, a tectonic earthquake often occurs and it is the most dangerous. Tectonic earthquake has great vibration and it is the most devastating. The seismic vibration makes the surface layer of the earth crushed. As a result, the surface of the ground is split; a highway on the house and bridges and other physical building are broken and crushed, even it can cause the victims of physical things and human.

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