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Contoh Explanation Text About Butterfly Terbaru – Berikut ini, terdapat sebuah artikel yang berisi penjabaran mengenai butterfly atau kupu-kupu.

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Many people believe that butterfly has a very short age. In fact, adult butterfly can live for a week or even a year, it depends on the species. Most of the species on the level of larvae live quite longer and those can be dormant on the level of cocoon or egg in order to survive in the cold weather.

Butterfly can give egg once or many times a year. The number of its heredity is different. It depends on the influence of the climate, in which butterfly that live in the tropical region can give egg more than once a year.

Butterfly is an insect which has perfect metamorphosis. Perfect metamorphosis has four steps of growth in its life cycle.

Metamorphosis is a process from worm into new animal (perfect phase) that is butterfly. The process is quite long but simple. First, it starts from egg which is put on the leave in order the leave can be the food for the worm until it is adult and becomes a cocoon and in some days it will become new butterfly.


The egg will hatch for about 3-5 day. The larvae will walk to the edge of leave and start to it. Some of larvae will eat the shell of an empty egg as its first food. The outer skin of the larvae doesn’t develop following its growth, but when it becomes so tight, the larvae will replace the skin with the new one. The length of the skin alternation will be 4-6 times. The form of larvae is various. But most of them are cylinder; sometime they have hair or thorn. When larvae reach its maximum growth, it will stop eating and walk to find a place to be a shelter. It will stick on twig or leave. In this step, larvae enter the phase of pre-cocoon and detach its skin for the last time to be a cocoon.

Cocoon phase is the resting phase whereas there will be a perfect insect formation on it. In general, cocoon is so hard, soft, and a structure without part of body. The colour is green or brown. The length of butterfly formation in this step takes 7-21 days, depend on the species.

After it comes out from the cocoon, butterfly will crawl vertically so that its weak, crumpled, and quite wet wings can hang down and develop normally. After the wings are dried, developed, and strong, the wings will open and close for some times to try to fly.

Butterfly is an insect which can do activity in the afternoon and in the evening it will take arrest on the leave of a tree. In the afternoon, butterfly will be more active to fly and search food and mate. It does all of the activity individually, but they often seem to fly in couple. And at the right time they will be mating.

After that, the female butterfly will put the egg on the leave of a tree. Butterfly with small wings can fly in range 10 cm until 2 meter. Meanwhile a butterfly with bigger wings can fly until 10 meter.

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