Contoh Essay Liburan dalam Bahasa Inggris Terbaru

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Contoh Essay Liburan dalam Bahasa Inggris Terbaru – Yuk kita menulis pengalaman liburan menggunakan bahasa Inggris, seperti pada contoh berikut ini.

Having Holiday in Indonesia

Having holiday abroad is like everyone’s dream. We seem to be very proud when we set our feet on overseas. But, is everyone’s dream also travelling to enjoy the beauty of Indonesia? Perhaps not. This illustration seems to fit and be associated with the concept of love of country. You might see other country greener or more beautiful, but it is not as better as our country.

So is to find a place the streets. Open your eyes and insight by observing the development of the outside. Feeling grateful for those who have chance to see the glitter of Singapore, Thailand’s tourism, the history of Cambodia, the unique combination of culture and philosophy in Vietnam. But, for tourism, Indonesia still has so much tourism places that have not been visited by our own people.

So many families spend the vacation to travel to the country which is decorated by snow. Travelling around the island of java also can offer impressive experience. There are hundreds of tourism places in Java Island, started from Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, and other natural sites and cultural places like Garut, Dieng, Bali, Yogya, Jepara, etc. The tourism places which are spreading around Indonesia become a door to enjoy the social tourism, culture, and the history of the city. The new unique place will give an interesting knowledge of culture.
Indeed, the Indonesia’s nature is so amazing. Travelling around the world is a dream of most people. But, don’t forget to explore our country, Indonesia. It is quite embarrassing when people who are thousand miles away from our country have better knowledge about Indonesia than we do as the native.

Loving our Indonesia is not only what should be done by the foreign tourists, but also the domestic tourist. You will be amazed when you feel the experience of exploring Kiluan Bay in Lampung. It is in the remote place but it is very great. That bay which is very beautiful is the biggest the habitat of dolphins in Southeast Asia.

The tourism of the city, province, or even country can be so much popular and make money, for example, the Maldives Island. Whereas, if we compare it to the Seribu Islands, the amazing floating house in Karimun Java, or the latent pearls “Sawana Village” and Kiluan Bay, we believe that we can be like the Maldives Island which make much money from tourism.

If there are the citizens of Indonesia who haven’t loved Indonesia and do not want to travel around Indonesia, those people must try it to have holiday to several tourism places in Indonesia and enjoy the beauty of it. We believe that everyone can give contribution to this country in any kind of form. By putting away the garbage in the trash can, we have already given our contribution. By greeting and smiling, we have already participated to create a good atmosphere for this country. By making friend with people who are from different group and have different religion, we have already proven that we are a country with toleration. The more we travel around Indonesia, the more we will feel our love to this country.

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