Contoh dialog Percakapan Bahasa Inggris di Telepon Antara Konsumen dan Customer Service

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Berikut terdapat sebuah Contoh dialog Percakapan Bahasa Inggris di Telepon Antara Konsumen dan Customer Service. Semoga bermanfaat.

Avril is a customer service in a telecommunication company. She always cares about every single customer’s complaint.

Avril: Hello. Good morning. This is Avril. Can I help you?

Customer:Good morning. I’m Jack. I do really need your help now.

Avril: Sure. What is that?

Customer:I need your help to figure out how to use my phone.

Avril: Okay. What is your phone type sir?

Customer:My phone is L*novo a316i. I need your help on how to make a dial.


Avril: OK. Now, try to unlock your phone.

Customer:Yes, my phone is ready.

Avril: Do you see something like a flower in the middle of your phone?

Customer:Yes. What should I do?

Avril: That’s your phone menus. Find out the phone icon. Do you see that icon?

Customer:Wait a moment. I’m still….. Okay, I’ve found it.

Avril: Just touch it! Now you will see some numbers.

Customer:Great! What else?

Avril: Now you dial 0 on the screen. Do you hear the tone?


Avril: Well, when you hear it, that means you are ready to make outside line. Who want to be called?

Customer:My father’s home. I’m typing the numbers.

Avril: Good! Sir, to dial to the outside province you just hit the extension number. Do you know the extension number?

Customer:Yes, I have a list of extensions.

Avril: Well, if you ever need help with an extension, you can call us on 116. Anything else sir?

Customer:Okay. That’s enough. Thank you very much.

Avril: Sure. No problem sir. Good morning.

Customer: Morning.