Contoh Dialog Percakapan Bahasa Inggris di Facebook

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Contoh Dialog Percakapan Bahasa Inggris di Facebook – Tentu, kita semua pernah bercakap-cakap di Facebook, sebuah jejaring sosial yang begitu terkenal dengan banyak sekali fungsi. Seperti contoh berikut ini, ada dua orang sahabat yang terlibat percakapan lewat Facebook Chat. ūüôā

Fikri    : Hey how are you today Felin?
Felin    : I am fine. How about you?
Fikri    : I am fine too. Last week I saw you in North Jakarta Mayor Office. I want to meet you, but I worried that girl was not you. I want to ask something about the result of the test. Have you seen the result of the test. I didn’t see that. I had to go to my school because I had teaching. How can we see the result?
Felin    : Are you serious? Do you join in which test section Fikri?  I also had to go to my office after the test. So I haven’t known the result too. As I know we can check the announcement in Pemprov DKI Website. You can check in WWW.BKDDKI.JAKARTA.GO.ID.
Fikri    : I joined the fourth section. I saw you before we enter to the test room. Now I continue my study in Jakarta and there is PNS recruitment so I join the test. By the way where do you live Felin?
Felin    : I live in East Jakarta.  I wear hijab now. Maybe you saw the wrong people. Where do you study now? What kind of position do you take in PNS recruitment?

Fikri    : Yes because of that I did not come to you. The last time I saw you haven’t wear hijab. I study at UNJ Jakarta, I am taking English Magister Program.  I take auditor position in Pemprov DKI recruitment. How about you Felin?
Felin    : I take the teacher position. I hope you will graduate on time and we can pass together in Pemrpov DKI Recruitment.
Fikri    : I also hope the same. May I have your Phone Number or BB pin. It will make me easy to inform the test result latter.
Felin    : Okay Fikri. This is my phone number 081279778965 and this is my BB pin 23f6gh6.
Fikri    : Thank you Felin. So what do you do now?
Felin    : Now, I am working at BNI in Bogor as the Customer service. Do you still remember the last time we met?
Fikri    : So do you live in bogor or still  live in Jakarta? I remember that when there was a competition in our campus. I guess there were some photos in that moment. But I haven’t got that. Do you have those photos Felin?
Felin    : I live in Bogor. I go back to Jakarta on the weekend. Exactly I still have those photos. That is very memorable for me. I always imagine that we can meet again with our friends. Could you give me your email address? I will send them now.
Fikri    : Yes I agree with you. That was very memorable. Okay Felin this is my email address
Felin    : Ok just wait a minute, I will send those photos. I think I have to take a bath Fikri because I want to go to my friend’s house. Just inform me if there is an announcement in the website. Thank you for the nice chatting. Bye!!
Fikri    : Ok thank you very much for the photos.  You are welcome Felin.

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