Contoh Dialog Percakapan Bahasa Inggris di dalam Pesawat

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Contoh Dialog Percakapan Bahasa Inggris di dalam Pesawat – Bagaimana dialog dilakukan antara penumpang dengan pramugari? Anda bisa melihat contohnya di bawah ini.

Female Attendant : Good morning everybody welcome to Garuda flight. We will fly from Soekarno-Hatta airport to the Los Angeles airport. We will spend 10 hours until we arrive there. If need a help, you can call me with the phone in front of your seat. Thank you. Have a nice flight.
Passenger : Hello miss, I am Fikri.  I am a Passenger in Seat number 50. Could you please to come here? I need something to order.
Female Attendant : Sure, just wait a minute Mr. Fikri.
Female Attendant : Ok good morning sir. What can I do for you, is there anything to order?
Passenger  : Could I get another blanket please? I am a little cold.
Female Attendant : Sure.  Would you like to have one or two?
Passenger  : I think one will be enough.
Female Attendant : All right. Would you like anything else?
Passenger  : I want to ask something miss. How long it will take before we reach Los Angeles?
Female Attendant  : It is a long journey. We still have 5 hours before landing. You can listen to the music or watching the television to kill your time.

Passenger  :  Is there any snack miss, before landing? And may I know what the menu that you serve is, please?
Female Attendant : Yes of course. There are so many kinds of food and drink here. This is the menu you can choose to order. For the first, ordering snack and drink will be free. But in the next order, will be charged.
Passenger  : Mmmm okay miss I will order one orange juice and two burgers. Don’t forget to add any sugar for the orange juice and for the burgers don’t forget to add any blackpaper.
Female Attendant : Okay, let me repeat your order. You order one blanket, one orange juice with
additional sugar and two burgers with additional blackpapers.  I will be back a moment with your order.
Passenger  : Sure thank you miss.
Female Attendant : Excuse me, this is all of your order. These are the blanket, orange juice, and burgers.  Is there anything to order?
Passenger  : Wow thank you very much miss. But I still need some magazine. Could you bring some for me?
Female Attendant : Oh sure. What kind of magazine do you want? Beside magazine, we still have comic, novel, and newspaper. Do you want to change your order?
Passenger  : Those choices make me chance my mind. Ok I want to you bring some comedy comics and  some of romantic novels.
Female Attendant  : Okay I will be back with your comic and novel for a minute.
Passenger   :  Yes thank you miss.
Female Attendant  : Excuse me sir, these are your order, Comedy comic and Romantic novel. If you need something to order more, you can use your phone in front of your seat. Thank you very much for ordering with me, good morning and have a nice flight.
Passenger : I am very satisfied with the service of this flight.  Good morning and thank you very much.

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