Contoh Cerpen Bahasa Inggris Tentang Persahabatan yang Harus Anda Baca

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Contoh Cerpen Bahasa Inggris Tentang Persahabatan yang Harus Anda Baca – Cerpen yang merupakan kependekan dari cerita pendek adalah cerita yang bisa diambil dari kisah nyata maupun fiksi. Cerpen juga tidak melulu berbasis pada bahasa Indonesia, namun juga bisa dalam bahasa Inggris. Seperti contoh di bawah ini, ada sebuah cerpen bahasa Inggris yang menceritakan tentang persahabatan.

Table of Contents

Here, Tomorrow

London, November 6th 2000.

“Here’s call from Denver, Dad. Are you up?”

“Denver? What a surprise. Thanks Jean.”

Denver? My hometown was calling? I could smell that place once again. I wondered who was calling, but I hated to put that phone in my ear –because it felt so cold-.

“Hallo? It is Johnny Sparks.”

“Oh do you remember me, John?”

“Sorry, I−“

“I am Eddy,”

“Eddy? Wait… Do you mean Eddy…Eddy Connor?”

“Yes, Buddy. How are you?”

I got a call in the age of 67. That was a call from my old friend. I felt warm in my body, brought my memory back from a place in Denver.

“So, it has been 30 years since you go. I didn’t know if you would never be back again.”

“I found my life here, Ed.”

“Just come back even a while, John.”

“I want to, but-“

“I know London is too far.” He was laughing. I heard his old laugh. He took my breath away. I missed that place, once again.


London, November 22nd 2000.

I could see my daughter was in the bad mood. I told her to put the phone near my room a week ago. Because Eddy promised me to call me again in every end of our conversation.

“You got that call again this morning? Who is him actually?”

“He is my friend, Eddy. I talked with him not more than an hour, Jean. Is that problem?”

“Less than an hour but every 3 am in two weeks? You need to take a rest, Daddy…”

“But that calls make me happy.”

“At least ask him to call you in the ‘morning’.”

“Okay… Okay…”


London, November 7th 2000.

“She passes away a month ago…”

“I am so sorry to hear that, Ed. It is my condolence. Sorry I couldn’t come to her funeral.”

“Thanks. I was the same, I couldn’t come to your wife’s funeral a year ago even I know it. I heard Mr. Klein came. So I got your number from him.”

“Yes. He’s husband of my wife’s sister. You know what Ed? Talking about our wives make me think that they must be met in heaven and talk about us.”

“Yes. They will become good friend for each other. Thanks, John. At least you make me feel that she must be okay there.”

“They will be okay. They are as strong as we are.”


London, November 10th 2000.

“Her name is Jean… She is 29 years old. She’s a designer. I bet she is better as a model.”

“I know you were handsome enough when you were young, your daughter must be awesome. My daughter works in property business. She has a husband but she still come to take care of me.”

“Our angels…”

“More than it, I think.”


London, November 15th 2000.

I woke up at 3.30 am. I was wondering why my phone did not ring as usual. I called his number. There was no answer.

May be he was feeling unwell. I hoped he was okay.


London, November 17th 2000.

“My granddaughter held a birthday party at their house. I forgot to bring you phone number there. You know, I just remembered there was ‘8’ among other number I forgot.”

“I thought you were in trouble. Tell your granddaughter, I wish a happy birthday for her, Ed.”

“Her name is Emmy. I would tell her if I still remember that. By the way, I met Judy on the way back home. Do you remember her?”

“No? Who is her?”

“Remember a deaf girl you bullied nearly every day after school?”

“Oh my God, yes! I see. I never meant to hurt her, you know. I’ve said sorry to her in our graduation day.”

“I know… She asked about you every day after you went to London.”

“Is she okay?”

“Not really, John. She lives all alone.”

“It is sad…”


Denver, December 5th 2000.

My feet were shaking as I walked slowly through this grey. Eight hours fly. Thirty years ago I walked here and left my life behind. It felt like a dream.

“Eddy and all my friends came here in the day I went to London…”

“Really? Sweet…”

“Yes, I cried a little at that day.”

Jean was smiling.


London, November 20th 2000.

“We used to be so rude. Remember? We were young at that day we were talking about girl, about music, about how to look good, about new hair, about vehicles…”

“About fat lady Nancy who had two husbands, and Judy who would never understand every curses you told her…”

“So much fun…”

“Yeah… and when we grow old, we are getting angry of all the teenagers do.”

“That is unfair, right?”

“May be because we jealous it. Our bones are not that strong anymore, our voices are not that loud anymore…”

“And when those teenagers grow old one day, they would be remembering memories just like us today.”


London, November 27th 2000.

“I want so badly to come to Denver, Jean. I want to meet Eddy”

“Denver? No. I am afraid with your health. It is hours flying, Dad.”

“I want to meet my friend, Jean… May be I would like to die in my hometown.”

“So, is that too bad to lay yourself here beside your daughter?”

“I am so sorry, Jean, I mean−“

“You are the only one I have, Daddy. I don’t care if you won’t die beside me, but I will do my best to keep you alive.”

My old thought, my childish hope. I was hurting my Jean.

“I know… I just−“

“Take a rest, Daddy. I will be back at 7. I love you.”

“I love you…”


Denver, December 5th 2000.

“Daddy, are you okay?”

“I never feel this better, darling.”

Rose Avenue. Wind blew away my feeling of growing old. I remembered the way I run through this road. Kicking Eddy’s ass and running away.

Bit by bit my memories were coming back. There, an old bakery was still the same. They renovated it, but the smell was unchanged. My hallucination showed the young Eddy and I was bringing our first cigarette, coughing to the strange taste. I was smiling in my heart.

Drove in to the block where I used to live in. Under this tree I sat down and was crying to the death of my parents because of car accident when I was 19. How Eddy came and did not talk even a bit only to comfort my feeling.

An old lady came out from the brown painted house. This house was the house where Lucy used to live. Lucy was the girl I was falling in love with in the age of 25. She was totally beautiful. I told Eddy I was falling to her. He said I had a great taste of woman. So I knew he was right.

Two months after I told Lucy that I was in love with her, I found Eddy’s diary. It was so funny finding he admired Lucy long before I know her. But he was a great friend. So, I did not want to hurt him any longer.

That old lady came out in black long dress and red lipstick. I guessed she was Lucy after all. [sc:kodeadsense]


London, November 30th 2000.

“I remember when you cried under the tree in the park. I felt your pain at that day. Your parents were so kind.”

“Yes. It was the hardest moment of my life. I was lucky because Uncle Fred loved me just like his own son, and took care of me.”

“Do you remember Lucy?”

“Oh yes of course.”

“She is still ‘Lucy’ as you know…”

“Age doesn’t matter her?”

“Yes. Ha ha ha.”

“I want so badly to come back there, but my daughter says no.”

“Come with your daughter one day.”

“I will talk to her.”

“I know you will come with her someday.”


Denver, December 5th 2000.
“I lived in that house with my parents.”

It was no longer the same. One thing that made me remember was because it was 6 houses after Lucy’s.

“Do you still remember it, Dad?”

“Yes, because I’ve lived there once, and it was a great moment.”

After my parents passed away, I lived with my Uncle, Fred. It took 5 minutes walk from here.

All white everywhere. Snow felt down softly. I opened my taxi’s door letting the snow began to freeze me. I hated being this contrast with the nature, being black and white.

Here I came. Eddy’s house did not change significantly. My hand was shaking. Jean grabbed it. I was lucky she was here.

We walked in.

“Do you see that warehouse? We played our guitar, we sang, we slept there.”

“Daddy… It was too cold. Let’s come in.”

Jean grabbed my hand stronger than before. I knew she felt the cold was getting into me. She knocked the door.

Eddy, here I came with my daughter.

A young lady opened the door.

“Mr. Sparks?”

“Yes… Are you Emily?”

“Yes, Sir. Come in. My father is waiting for you.”

I stabbed with those words. I could smell his old fragrance. He used to be the best smelled man ever.

Slow but sure I try to find where my friend was. I found Lucy, in a black dress. Ah… I am in the black suit too.

She looked at me wondering. Yes Lucy, I am Johnny.

“Follow me this way, Sir.”


I held my breath.

“He told me to hold the funeral until you come, Sir.”

“Thanks Emily. I promised him to come…”

“Daddy, are you okay?”

“Fine, darling… Look, he is Eddy, my friend Eddy.”

“He looks as strong as you.”

“He is…”

“I am so sorry Daddy, I used to−“

“Jean… You don’t need to say sorry, say hello to Uncle Ed.”


London, December 2nd 2000.

“Johnny… I’ve shared so many memories with you. I feel younger than my age now. I feel like I can live thousands years. When the day you went away, I couldn’t sleep well because I remember how you did the damn thing. I couldn’t eat well because I lost my partner. So, if it is possible, for the last time, let’s meet up.”

“I will talk to my daughter soon.”


Denver, December 5th 2000.

I was sitting down at the cemetery drive. All white outside. I hate being this contrast with the nature.

Eddy… I am so sorry for coming late, my friend.

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