Contoh Cerita Fabel dalam Bahasa Inggris Terbaru

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Contoh Cerita Fabel dalam Bahasa Inggris Terbaru – Cerita fabel merupakan salah satu jenis cerita yang banyak diminati oleh para pembaca terutama anak-anak. Di bawah ini, juga ada sebuah cerita fabel yang mengisahkan kehidupan antara Gagak dan Semut.

The Crow and the Ant

In a jungle there lived a crow. Every day he flies over the jungle to look for food or sometimes he just wanted to fly around the jungle. Sometimes he perched on a limb while he sang melodiously.
One day when he was drinking at the edge of the lake, he heard a voice that asking for help. “Please … Help … ..I will sink!”
The crow tried looking for the sound. When he was trying to find the voice, he realized that the sound was coming from the middle of the lake. He saw an ant in the middle of the lake which almost sunk. And then he immediately flew low and float on the water surface of the lake.
“Please … .help me ….!” Cried the ants.
“Wait a minute, ants, I will get you out of the water soon,” said the crow. He flew to the side of the lake to take a leaf there. Afterward He plucked a leaf, and brought it to the middle of the lake. He flew low and put the leaves into the lake. He said, “Take up the leaves, ants!”
The ant was trying to climb to the top of the leaf against waves of a great lake. Finally, after trying so hard; he could reach the leaf and held it tightly.
“Well, hold tightly. I will bring you to the side, “said the crow again. He pecked the leaf stalk and flew away to the land. The crow brought the ant to the tree near the lake. Soon afterwards the ant was creeping on the leaves closer to crow.
“Thank you for your kindness, crows. You saved my life, “he said.



“Do not say that, it’s just an act that does not mean anything.”
“No matter how, I cannot forget your kindness to me, crow,” said the ant.

“Thanks to God and be careful next time. Do not let you fall again into the water. Goodbye! “Said the crow.

“Goodbye. I hope someday I can repay your kindness. “
Then they parted. The crow flew again to the woods and the ant crawled on a branch of wood to look for food.
After some time, when the ant was crawling in the branches of wood, he saw a hunter under the tree. The hunter was carrying a rifle that had been ready to be fired to the top of the tree.
“He is definitely going to shoot birds,” thought the ant, “probably he would kill my best friend.” He looked up into the tree. He shocked to see the crow was there. The ant was trying to find a way to help his friend. “I can’t scream out to warn him” he said.
Meanwhile, the hunter was ready to pull the trigger and aimed straight at the crows. Suddenly the ant flopped. He jumped right on the nose of the hunter and quickly crept into the eyes right before the hunter pulled the trigger. The ant bit his eyes strongly. The hunter cried out in pain, “ouch ….” because he was bitten by the ant he missed the target.
The crow was shocked; He instinctively flew away from the tree. The ant quickly jumped to the ground and crawled back into the upper branches. His heart was very happy to save his best friend life.
“I have to repay his kindness that he had given to Me.” he said to himself, “even though he didn’t know that I had saved his life from the hunter.” The ant smiled smugly. He realized that doing a good thing doesn’t need to be known by anyone. He quickly crept into the nest and continued hanging out with his friends.